Having Fun With Your Pekingese Dogs During The Holidays


Having fun with your Pekingese dogs during the holidays can be something that you and your pets can enjoy every year. By including your Pekes in some simple, fun activities each year, you will not only bring them closer to the whole family, but you’ll find some new traditions will emerge. It doesn’t matter what holiday you celebrate at the end of the year – Hanukkah, Christmas, or the wealth of others – you can easily include your Peke.

For example, many Pekingese dog owners dress their dogs up at Christmas for cards, photos, and other fun with the family. Little festive outfits are everywhere, from large discount stores to specialty shops online, you can find just about any type of outfit that you can think of for the holidays. Dressing up and adding your Pekingese dogs in your family photos is a great way to let everyone else enjoy your dogs too.

 Having fun with your Pekingese dogs

Having fun with your Pekingese dogs

Having fun with your Pekingese dogs

Another fun thing that many Pekingese owners do is to make sure that they give gifts for their Pekes along with other family members. Chew toys, outfits, beds, blankies, new traveling gear – you name it and more, there are plenty of great gift ideas for the little furry love of your life. Some Pekingese owners even get together with other Peke owners and hold dog holiday parties to socialize their dogs and to have fun with animal gift giving.


Keeping along the lines of gift giving, you can always make homemade dog treats for your Pekingese during the holidays with some of their favorite flavors. You can find tons of great recipes online that will help you make some wonderfully yummy treats for them.


No matter what type of holiday traditions you and your family have, it is super easy to fit your Pekingese into the festive fun. Since most Pekes love to be the center of attention, they will also love to feel that they are part of the family and the activities, so leaving them out could hurt their feelings. Adding your Peke into a celebration by letting them help open gifts, taking them shopping with you, or just having them around while you’re doing any of your normal holiday activities will help when you are having fun with your Pekingese dogs during the holidays.


Have a great gift idea for Pekingese dogs or those that love them? Make sure that you share it below to help others find great gift ideas too!



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