Healthy Human Foods for Dogs: What Can Your Pekingese Eat?


When it comes to healthy human foods for dogs, how do you know what your Pekingese can eat that you’re eating? Well, we all know that chocolate is a big no-no, but what if you’re trying to transition your Peke from human food to dog food. What is safe to feed them? What can you put in their food to help them realize that they need to eat their food and not just whatever is on the dinner table? Well, there are several different things that you need to keep in mind when feeding your Pekingese human foods.

Most healthy human foods are actually good for your Pekingese to eat, but you have to make sure that it doesn’t make up more than 25% of their overall diet. They still need the special blends of proteins and other nutrients that are in most dog foods, and the better the dog food, the more nutrients will be in them. But healthy human foods can help your Peke feel like part of the family and provide them with something new to eat aside from their normal crunch and munch dog food. Here are a few healthy human foods for dogs that you can give your Pekingese:

Healthy Human Foods for Dogs

Healthy Human Foods for Dogs

Healthy Human Foods for Dogs


Yes, those wonderful things that are supposed to keep the doctor away from humans can be good for your Peke too. Here is the key: they have to be skinned and all of the seeds have to be removed. Apple seeds are extremely toxic to most animals because they contain a poison that actually is part of cyanide. You want to make sure that whole apples are cut into small bites for them or that applesauce is stirred into their food.


We have all heard that eggs are good for a dog’s coat and this is true. The key here is to make sure that they are cooked eggs, not raw. In fact, you might find that scrambled eggs are one of your dogs favorite foods and they usually will eat them when they are ill or to take medications. Raw eggs can cause biotin deficiency, so you should avoid them.

Green Beans

Mmhmm, green beans are good for your dog for many reasons, such as the vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber that they hold. They are also a great diet food for any overweight Pekingese. You can also freeze them and make them into treats when it’s hot outside.


Yes, your dog can eat oatmeal and it’s good for them. It is a great source of fiber for your Pekingese and one that can be very good for older dogs especially. Plus, it’s a new flavor that can easily be mixed with their food to get them back on a schedule.


You will find that plain yogurt can be a great health food for your Peke as well as yourself. It’s also a great diet food for overweight dogs, as long as it’s the fat-free ones like Simplesse or Olestra and contain no sugars or artificial sweeteners. You can also add yogurt to a puppy’s food to help build their immune systems.

If you find that your Pekingese is constantly begging at the dinner table, make a big deal of feeding them some healthy human foods for dogs after the family is done eating. Make a show of putting it in their bowls and eating a bite of the same food that you just gave them (not the dog food part, of course). Showing them that they are eating like a person can help them start to eat dog food and their own food at that.

We all love feeding our Pekingese little treats from the table and this article can help other Pekingese owners know what to feed their babies as well. Make sure that you tweet this article to help others see what’s good to feed their picky Pekes!



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