Helping A Pekingese Dog Through A Thunderstorm


As most Peke owners know thunderstorms and Pekingese dogs don’t go together, and helping a Pekingese dog through a thunderstorm can be a challenge. Although they are usually quite brave, they are very small dogs and most of them do not like extremely loud noises. Well, except maybe from other Pekes!

Like most smaller dogs, Pekingese dogs seem to know when a storm is coming many hours before it actually gets here. It could be that something inside these little dogs act like a barometer. Their senses are very acute and they can help you get prepared for a storm so that you can then help them through the noise.

Helping A Pekingese Dog Through A Thunderstorm

Helping A Pekingese Dog Through A Thunderstorm

Helping A Pekingese Dog Through A Thunderstorm

Usually, you can tell when a Pekingese is getting nervous or when a storm is approaching just by watching their behavior. For example, they may be very timid, wanting to hide and not come out to play like normal. They may not eat their normal favorite meals, drink much, or want to enjoy things that they love. A lot of Pekingese will take light naps, usually it’s as if they sleep with one eye open, waiting for something to happen.

When your Peke starts to withdraw from everything is when it becomes necessary to distract them from the coming storm. Of course, helping a Pekingese dog through a thunderstorm isn’t always an easy thing, especially if they don’t want to engage in some fun time with you. You need to be very creative when you are trying to find ways to get your Peke to forget about the weather. One fun way to not only distract them from the storm but to also help them deal with it, is to create a storm in your house that isn’t as big or scary as the one outside.

To do this, you simply grab some items around your home such as cooking pots, aluminum pans, and wooden spoons. Just like a child loves to do, bang on the aluminum pans and cooking pots with the wooden spoons to make noise. At first, your Peke might run off and hide from you, so start softly and slowly. Do something funny while you’re doing it, such as make funny sounds, whistle, or sing. Sure, you might look funny, but they will start to wonder what you’re doing and come to see. The more you can get everyone involved in the fun, the more your Pekingese will want to be a part of it too. If they feel this is a game that they can play too, they’ll love to make noise with you.

As this game becomes part of their lives when a storm comes, they will start to realize that a storm outside means fun inside for them. Once you have enjoyed this game with them several times, they will quickly start to associate thunderstorms with fun games with you and they won’t be afraid of them any longer. Of course, helping a Pekingese dog through a thunderstorm by using this game can take time, so be patient.




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