How much does a Pekingese cost?


How much does a Pekingese cost?

So, how much does a Pekingese cost? Before I go straight to that answer, let me first give you a short overview and bakground about the breed so that you will understand why they’re a bit pricey.

No doubt the Peke has an attitude that is “self-important,” after all they are an imperial dog. He was an elite dog in China and he brings that pride up to this day. Every Pekingese you will meet will greet you with pride and dignity. He demands respect from the people around him; he is well aware that his ancestors were the favorite companion of the royal family.

The Pekingese have high IQ, but that intelligence is often shunned away by his independent mind and stubborn will. That is why training them is such a challenge! They often think that they are in charge over the household that is why you should also know how to show him that you are the one in charge and not him. Also take note, that Pekes don’t respond well to rigid and hard kind of training, they tend to retaliate and even bite you.

How much does a Pekingese cost?

Pekingese from a responsible show breeder will run anywhere from $750 up to $3000.

Source: Chacha, by Cassandra B.

Pekingese Fun Facts

  • The Pekingese tends to bark a lot.
  • They are not easy to housetrain.
  • They have high incidence of becoming obese.
  • Because of their short noses, they tend to snore loudly.
  • Pekingese tend to become a one-person dog.
  • That big, round, and bulging eye of a Peke can be easily injured or even “pop out” during rough play; it may be rare but it’s a possibility.
  • Because of their think, layered fur, they are intolerant to heat and very prone to heat stroke.
  • Since they have excess wrinkling skin on its face, it can develop dermatitis, infection and other irritations. You should keep the folds dry and clean.
  • The Pekingese can prove a point to its owner by going on a hunger strike.

For you to ensure to get a puppy that is truly healthy, never buy them from pet stores, puppy mills or irresponsible breeder. It really doesn’t matter how much does a pekingese cost as long as you get them in its best condition, right? I advice you to go get your puppy from a responsible breeder because they see to it that their dogs are free from genetic diseases by testing it.

Was this post helpful to you? I hope I have enlightened you about your decision on whether or not to get a Peke or not. Don’t hesitate to drop a message below if you want to say anything.




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