How Much Does Dog Training Cost? – Can You Afford it for your Pekingese?


How Much Does Dog Training Cost? – Can You Afford It for your Pekingese?

First time in dog ownership and ever wondering how much does dog training cost? Can you afford it for your dog? If you have the time, then maybe it is better for you to train him yourself, it would truly deepen your bond with each other and not to mention the fun you will experience while doing it. Being a responsible owner means you should also be wise on where to save and splurge when it comes to your pekingese.

Most people don’t really think about expenses when they pick up the dog from the shelter or shop, they didn’t expect that owning a dog (depending on the breed) can be very high-maintenance. And when you realize the figures on taking care of a pekingese or other dog, it is already too late to back out. Toys, treats, bed, collar, leash, food and training – these are things that would quickly add up and if you don’t have stable financial income, you are in deep trouble.

How Much Does Dog Training Cost

General Cost
• You will find differences in price between classes for puppies and those for adult dogs – the latter are more difficult to train, the former at the right age.
• A local pet store run dog training class for puppies may incur a fee of between $40 to $150 for a set of six hourly sessions, these being run weekly and in groups of people with dogs to train. The above figure is for adult dogs – reduce it by twenty percent for puppies.
• If you want professional one to one training for you and your dog you will need to pay between $30 and $150 for a single hour long session, the variation being the amount of training needed and the location. This can be a very sensible option for bigger, more powerful animals.
• You can look at the option of monthly bulk buying as this is often a way of securing discounts.
• The ultimate training is to send your dog to a boarding school – this will cost you in excess of $1500 – the lower end of the market – for a four week stay of one to one training.

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Things to Splurge on Dogs:

  • Food – High-quality dog food can give him the vitamins, minerals and protein your dog will need for a long and healthy life. Cheap brands usually contains soy, grain and wheat which may give them illnesses. Such ingredients would give them allergies in the long run. Shop smart by checking on sales and ads on the pet store or grocery shop and sign up in their mailing list. They usually give discount coupons on their items.
  • Veterinarian Trips – Medical treatments are quite expensive especially during the first year of life of the pup. Just bear in mind that vaccinations and check ups would help your pekingese stay healthy and fit.
  • Kennels and Crates – Quality kennels are expensive but it could be your best investment for your pekingese. You will surely need a kennel if you plan to crate train your puppy. Make sure you will be getting a right-sized kennel for your dog.

Things to Save on Dogs:

  • Toys – Chew toys, ropes and bones, etc… Whatever your dog’s favorite toy is, you should be able to give him one so that he won’t be bored that would often result to bad behaviors at home. If your pekingese is a hard chewer, then you could always find a decent item that is on sale for him.
  • Doggie Day Care Center – Puppies and adult dogs alike crave for socialization with other dogs and other people too. That is the reason why most dog owners tend to leave their pooches at the doggy day care center 2-3x a week. For a decent price, your dog can play with other dogs all day and you don’t have to worry what he is up to while you are away. This may seem wise but the fee on this place is per session, why not take him on a dog park instead where the price is only around 25$ per year!
  • Dog training – You can either hire a professional trainer and have private sessions which is a bit costly. If you have the time, why not try to watch tv shows on animal planet (Me or the Dog, Dog Whisperer, etc…) which can help you train him yourself. There is also youtube and other online websites as well which could also give you tips on how to train your pekingese.

I hope that my breakdown helped you about how much does a dog training cost. Having a dog is quite expensive, just like your own kid actually and if you are not ready to shell out extra money, then don’t get a dog.  It may sound harsh, but have pity on the dog because if you really cannot afford to own one, your dog would be the one who will suffer in the long run.

So, what are the things you buy for your dog? How much did you spend for your dog’s training? Tell us more about it by leaving a message behind.




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