How to Build Self Esteem – Improving your Pekingese’s Confidence


Have an anxious new member in the house and would want to know how to build self esteem in him? It all boils down to obedience training. The key to most bad behavior in dogs is approaching things using their own natural instincts. Dogs see your entire house as a pack with each one having their own rank and one alpha dog. And it is much easier if the humans outrank the four-legged members. If you want to learn how to become the alpha male, there are lots of ebooks/books which you can learn from.

Also, see to it that he has his own den/area. If you can afford to buy a crate, then by all means get him one. He will be happier if he has his own space than being let loose in the entire house. It would relax him, it would allow him to feel safe. A calm dog has a lesser desire to eliminate himself. Later on you will notice that your pet would prefer to stay inside his crate even if you leave his door open. Just make sure that you pick out a crate that is enough for him to stretch out.

How to Build Self Esteem – Improving your Pekingese’s Confidence

How to Build Self Esteem

  • Praises. They major tool here is positive reinforcement. Keeping your voice calm and soothing, always praise him when he does something right. When you see him hanging out on the place he is supposed to stay, take the time to praise, give him a treat or cuddle with him. You would want him to feel loved and safe.
  • Training. Take the time to teach him basic commands such as sit, stand, roll over, stay, so on and so forth. Experts would prefer not to offer rewards during training phase. You can also give your positive reinforcement, soothing voice, and affection as his reward for doing a good job. Always bear in mind that if your pet learns and understands something that you are pleased with, his confidence would escalate. Agility training will only not help him burn all his excess energy and anxiety, it also boosts his confidence sky high since he knows that he is doing something that pleases you.
  • Be level with him. Experts say that you have to go down below his eye level and look up to him. You want to show him that you are not a threat. Expect that he would eventually lick your face. The idea here is to show him that he is in a loving and safe environment where he doesn’t have to cower nor hide. You can follow up on this exercise by sitting in your chair and call him over to you. You can give him treats in case he isn’t approaching you readily. If you take the time to let him feel that he is loved and safe, sooner or later he would be willing to approach you and other people inside your home on his own.

Dogs are generally pack animals. Some are submissive while others are dominant. And if you want to help your pet how to build self esteem then you should train him properly. Establish that you are the alpha and use positive reinforcement so that he won’t cower down. Help him become more confident and still respect your at the same time.

Is your pekingese a dominant or submissive type? Though I know that this breed is so self confident and regal. Anyway, share with us your story below.




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