How To Choose The Right Vet For Your Pekingese?


Now that you’ve found the furry little love of your life, you need to know how to choose the right vet for your Pekingese. You don’t want to just choose some random vet out of the phone book and if you don’t have a family vet already, how do you find a good one? Here are some helpful tips and hints to help you find the perfect vet to care for your Peke:

Choose The Right Vet For Your Pekingese

  1. How To Choose The Right Vet For Your Pekingese?

    How To Choose The Right Vet For Your Pekingese?

    Ask around – If you have friends or family members that have smaller breed dogs, ask who they use to treat them. Also, ask if there are any that they have had bad experiences with. Talk with groomers in the area and see who they recommend, talk with people around your town and see if there is a local vet that works well with smaller dogs. Word of mouth is the best way to find a great vet that is familiar with smaller breed dogs.

  2. Memberships – If you cannot find one through friends or family, take a look through the yellow pages. Most vets will list the basic information about their office online as well as any memberships or certifications that they might hold. You want to look for those that are board certified, meaning that they took the time to go the extra mile in their training and pass a very tough exam.
  3. Meeting them – Once you have found a couple of vets that look good, ask to come in and meet with them, tour the facility, as well as bring your Pekingese to see how they react to the vet. Most professional veterinarians are more than happy to have new clients come in and tour their offices as well as meet new furry family members. If they do not allow this, you might consider another vet.
  4. Trust your dog’s instincts – If you go in to meet with a new vet and your Peke instantly doesn’t like them, this is a sign to find a new vet. Consider if you ever have to leave your Peke overnight or for treatment when you’re not there, if they don’t care for the vet when you are there, how will they react when you aren’t. It could be a bad situation for both your Peke and the vet.
  5. Emergency services – Once you find a vet (or two) that you are considering, ask if they offer any type of emergency services on “off hours” or if they work with a vet or animal hospital that does. You want to make sure that you know where you can take your Pekingese if something happens when your vet is closed.


There are plenty of great vets out there around you, you simply need to know how to find them. Most dog owners will find a vet that they trust and they will stick with them for many years. Of course, once you know how to choose the right vet for your Pekingese,  it’s time to take your baby in for a meeting.


Know someone that has a new Peke that needs to find a good vet? Or maybe you just know that there are some new dog owners out there that need to learn how to find a good vet for their Pekingese. Make sure that you share this article with everyone out there.



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  1. Having the right vet for your dog is so important. I think these fantastic tips you have here are good for all dogs, not just Pekingese too. I especially like the idea of meeting with the vet in person to see how they are.

  2. Finding a good vet is vital for any pet owner. I think the worst thing you can do it take your pet to a random vet in an emergency because you didn’t do any research beforehand! Like you said, you should go and try to meet with the vet themselves to see how they are.

  3. I agree that meeting with potential vets can help you have a better idea about their personality. I can see how doing this can help you have a feel for their field of expertise and how they can take care of your pet. I would want to make sure I choose someone I can trust and who has the tools to treat my animals right.

  4. I agree that it is a good idea to find a vet that offers emergency services. It makes sense that keeping this in mind can help you make sure you have someone to turn to if your pet has an accident or is not feeling well. I would want to find someone that cares about animals and takes time to educate me on what it going on.

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