How to Clean a Dog’s Ear – Do it Right for your Pekingese


How to Clean a Dog’s Ear – Do it Right for your Pekingese

As a dog owner, do you know how to clean a dog’s ear? Yes? Wonderful! No? Now, that is just pitiful. Studies show that ear infection is the number one cause on why owners go to the vet for help. And in order to prevent any ear problems, regular thorough ear maintenance and cleaning is necessary.

Let us all admit that dogs do not like their ears being cleaned, which makes your job more difficult. It is ideal and helpful that prior to cleaning his ears, you must be able to implement his grooming experience a pleasurable one.

Learn how to handle his gently and give him treats as you massage his outer ear gently and carefully exploring the inside part of his ear. Do this again and again until such time that your dog is comfortable with you handling his ear.

How to Clean a Dog’s Ear

Let’s review what NOT to do:

  • Do not allow water to get into the ear canal if possible.  It can lead the formation of bacteria and fungus.
  • Do not use a syringe as you may damage your dog’s ear.  Leave this tool to the professionals.
  • Do not go deeper than ½ inch into the ear canal – unless you’re trained it’s not worth getting overly ambitious and accidentally hurting your dog.

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3 Steps on How to Clean a Dog’s Ear

  1. Gently put a cotton ball soaked with a cleaning solution into his ear.
  2. Massage his ear with the cotton ball inside.
  3. Remove cotton ball and allow dog to shake out the excess debris from inside.

Knowing how to clean a dog’s ear comes in handy for every pet owner, not to mention the money you could save from it. Dogs that has a heavy, floppy ears generally needs to have his ear cleaned more frequently than the ones who have prick ears. And if you notice that your dog is scratching his ear a lot, shaking his head, with red and inflamed ears plus a bad smell, then better go to the vet immediately since this indicated an infection already.

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