How to Clean Dog Toys – Keeping your Pekingese’s Stuffs Fresh


In a household where there is a dog present anything everything that is squeaky, stuffed or bouncy gets gnawed and drooled upon. Thus, a pet parent must know how to clean dog toys so that his toy bin is fresher and cleaner.

If your peke is like mine who is on a mission to gut everything that is a squeaker or stuffed, then there’s a high chance that your pet’s toys won’t last long. Even though our pets have suffered a quick death, they do still have their own personal favorites who have been around since they were a pup.

When there is a gathering in our home, we are reminded that we should clean our pet’s toys so that it won’t cause any bad smell in the house nor does it look slimy on the floor. Actually, babies and dogs are both resilient, there is something about a toy box filled with drool and grime says that it is sure the time to clean things up.

How to Clean Dog Toys – Keeping your Pekingese’s Stuffs Fresh

How to Clean Dog Toys

  • Cloth toys are best washed on cold using your washing machine, after being placed in a fragile garment container. See to it that you minimize the soap you use, that is assuming that your washer won’t be full of toys.
  • After that remove the bag from the washer and squeeze the remaining water out. If you can, use a line dry and pin them all up like prizes to be won and give them a good drying under the sun to eliminate any foul odor. If you are not up for it, placing them in the dryer is fine too just be sure that it is on low heat and place them in a pillow case.
  • For plastic toys, you can concoct a solution by mixing 50% vinegar into 50% water and let them soak there for 30 minutes (be sure to tape any holes on the toys to avoid it from getting inside the toys). After 30 minutes, remove them from the solution and brush all the dirt off and rinse with running water then sun dry.
  • For tennis balls, they can go into the wash, but they require a but of funk to make them safe for your pets. New tennis balls are not the best for your pet, so be sure to throw it first in the back yard to give him a first coat of dust and dirt.

From time to time, keeping your pet’s toys clean is essential. Knowing how to clean dog toys is really being hygienic. It is simply washing off bacteria and germs that will make your pet sick and keeping your home cleaner and better at the same time.

Do you clean your pekingese’s toys? You have a different method of cleaning? Let us know below!




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