How To Dog Proof Your Home For A New Pekingese


We all know that when a baby starts to crawl, it’s time to baby proof our homes but what about how to dog proof your home for a new Pekingese? Most new dog owners have no idea the things that a new Peke can get into that can seriously hurt them. So, let’s go through the different steps that you need to go through to dog proof your home before you bring a new Peke in:

 how to dog proof your home for a new Pekingese?

  1. how to dog proof your home for a new Pekingese?

    How to dog proof your home for a new Pekingese?

    Make sure that you have checked on any houseplants that you might have to see if they are dangerous or even poisonous to your new Peke.

  2. Remove or lock up any cleaning products that your new Peke could have access to. Poisonings are one of the most common accidents in the home for a dog.
  3. Pick up and secure all electrical wires where your Peke cannot chew on them.
  4. If you have stairs, put up baby gates to ensure that your new Peke cannot fall down the stairs. Then work with them on going up and down the stairs until they are big enough to handle it themselves.
  5. Look for any loose staples or nails that could be sticking out from baseboards, under furniture, and any other areas that your Peke will have access to. These items can easily snag on a Peke’s long hair or cut their skin, which can become infected.
  6. Remove or secure any plastic bags that your Peke could have access to so they don’t have the risk of suffocating in one.
  7. Pick up any small items left in the floor (such as legos, doll shoes, bouncy balls, and so on) that your Pekingese could swallow. These can lead to them choking and if you aren’t there to help, it could be extremely dangerous.
  8. Know how to treat your Pekingese for simple problems, such as a scrape or scratch, and also know first aid for major problems so you are prepared if anything does ever happen.
  9. Have the number for a local vet that you trust on hand and posted in an obvious place in your home. You want to have their number ready so anyone can all if something happens to your new baby.
  10. Try not to feed your Peke human foods if at all possible. If you are planning to feed them organic or home made foods, make sure that you know which foods are toxic to them and what could cause problems.

If you know how to dog proof your home for a new Pekingese before you bring one home, then you will start off on the right path for a long, healthy life together. There are plenty of great books out there on dog first aid that are excellent to have on hand as well as some great articles here on our site. You’ll also find that if you use common sense and crawl about your home as a dog would, you will find all sorts of small items and other problems that your new Peke could easily get into. Keeping your new furry friend safe while they are at home is a large part of owning a dog.

Have any special tips to help keep new Pekingese safe when they come home? Make sure that you share them below with all of the other new Peke owners out there.



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