How to Express Dog Anal Glands – Keeping your Pekingese Thoroughly Clean


How to Express Dog Anal Glands – Keeping your Pekingese Thoroughly Clean

Do you know how to express dog anal glands? Every pet parent out there should at least have the idea how. If you see your pet scooting (dragging his butt on the floor) to wipe her behind, then this is a sign that his anal sacs needs to be cleaned. A lot of chewing or licking on this rear area is another sure sign that there is already fluid build up.

Anal glands carry foul smelling fluids which need to be expressed occasionally. A lot of dogs express them each time they poop, however there are times when they need help for the fluid to be emptied.

If it is your first time doing it, then ask your vet about it. Uncleaned anal sacs can cause impacted anal glands which would eventually lead to bursting of the sacs and infection may take place.

How to Express Dog Anal Glands

How to Clean your Peke’s Anal Sacs at Home

  1. Materials. You will be needing a pair of gloves, lubricant and paper towels. Expect the fluid to be foul smelling so better wear old clothes and use nose plugs if you want to.
  2. Paper towels. Fold several paper towels together and form a huge wad just beneath your pet’s rump. Be sure that the towels that would catch the fluid is absorbent.
  3. Locate the glands. The position of the glands is at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock making the anus as the face of the clock.
  4. Do the deed. Life his tail and position the face towels. Wear the gloves and put a lubricant on your finger and gently squeeze the glands using your forefinger and keep your face away!
  5. Clean up. After the deed and the fluids is already out, dispose the used towels in a covered bin. Wash your pet’s rump thoroughly and don’t forget to wash your hands too!

Knowing how to express dog anal glands is a skill that every pet owner should develop especially if you are trying to cut the costs down. Doing this deed during his bath time is ideal and makes sense, really. And if you see that his sacs are not producing any liquid and yet your pet is still showing signs of fluid build up, then you must bring him to the vet since he may be having impacted anal glands already.

When was the last time your pekingese had his anal sac cleansed? I hope this has been a helpful post to all of you. Share the news to all your friends out there.



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