How to Get a Picky Dog to Eat – Feeding the Fussy Pekingese


Let us all admit it, the Pekingese is one picky eater. And knowing how to get a picky dog to eat is essential for dog owners who is having a hard time how to handle the situation.

There are lots of pet parents out there often find themselves in a situation with a fussy Fido, one that won’t eat because its too bland or simply out of rebellious. This is a common trick played by the Pekingese breed, whether you like it or not. That is why some owners would resolve to doing “something special” to their pet’s meal by adding more meat, giving him canned dog food or even giving him eggs and gravy. Which is generally not a good idea nor it is healthy for your pet.

Adding canned goods by itself is not a problem, the issue is when you add the canned food to the dry one since your pet may only eat the canned ones and leave its keeble as is. Thus ending up you being trained by your dog to feed him canned food. Also, canned dog food is usually fattening, not to mention costly. It is also not a good idea to feed him canned foods always since it causes tooth decay and diarrhea, experts say.

Gravy has been introduced to the pet parents as a method of getting their picky pets to eat, however gravy is carbohydrates so there is no added value to it. As a matter of fact, feeding him gravy would only fatten him up and will cause health issues due to obesity.

Eggs are a good source of protein and many pet parents use raw eggs in making their pet’s coat shine. However, experts are against it due to several reasons: (1) Salmonella poisoning and (2) Biotin deficiency.

How to Get a Picky Dog to Eat – Feeding the Fussy Pekingese

How to Get a Picky Dog to Eat

  • See to it that he is not ill. If your dog won’t eat, then maybe he is sick. Or that your Pekingese is just trying to send you a message. Otherwise, better see the vet to be sure.
  • Regular Schedule. Canines are a creature of habit, so feeding him on a regular schedule is must. They know when is their meal time, so don’t go changing the feeding time schedule as it may confuse him.
  • Throw away stored food. Do not give your pet foods that were stored for more than 12 hours since the bacteria formation has already started by then. That may be the reason on why he doesn’t want to eat it.
  • Let him sit before eating. Commanding him something to do like a simple sit would work already so that the food would then become the reward. This is the perfect time to enhance obedience training.
  • Know his food amount. Observe your pet while eating and take note of the amount of food he is eating. If he is not finishing up his food, then maybe you are serving more than he could eat. So, during his next meal, try to reduce it.
  • Exercise. Just like us, a dog who doesn’t get ample exercise doesn’t need lots of food. If he isn’t eating, try to increase his exercise. Let him experience longer walks or play fetch with him before giving him meals.
  • No distractions. See to it that there’s no distraction while he is eating. There are dogs that would rather play or go on a walk with you than eat. So keep his fave toy and you stay put for a while so that he can eat quietly.
  • No food switching. Do not switch foods unless you are planning to feed him that new food permanently. If you must switch foods, go healthy such as grain-free diet or raw diet.

True, a Peke is one picky eater but if you know how to get a picky dog to eat, then for sure other obstacles would come in easy for you. It is a golden rule that if you yourself won’t eat the food you are giving him, then for sure he won’t also eat it. Ponder on that thought.

What do you do when your Peek throws a tantrum and won’t eat his meals? Any tricks that works on him? Tell us your story below.





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