How to Get your Dog to Sleep: Ensuring a Goodnight’s Rest for your Pekingese


How to Get your Dog to Sleep: Ensuring a Goodnight’s Rest for your Pekingese

Your dog keeping you away from a good night’s sleep? There are simple pointers on how to get your dog to sleep.

  • Establish a sleeping place for him. Upon his very first night at your home, show him is personal space. This can include a crate or kennel, just see to it to line it first with newspaper in case there are night accidents. Also be sure that there is an elevated area in his sleep area so that he won’t be sleeping on his own waste. You can either use a doggy pillow or bed.
  • Allow him to find his sleeping area. Yeah, you designate a spot for him, but you need to train him so that he would go that that area at will. let him have a positive connection with that area. In any way, do not associate his sleeping area with a negative experience and that includes him being picked up and placed there by force.
  • No sharing of bed yet. Though you may have the urge to share an intimate moment with you, don’t do this right away. Let him get used to his area first before you let him participate in an intimate connection. If he cries and whines at night, do not react. Trying to comfort him will let him know that he can summon you at his will.

    How to Get your Dog to Sleep

    Suggested Tips

  • Identify the problem. Puppies tend to miss the warmth and noise of a litter. They are creatures of habit — thus a change of sleeping situation may be an issue. And if something stressful has happened lately, this needs to be addressed too.
  • Materials you need. Try giving him a bean bag or a mat and a clock that produces a rhytmic ticking sound. Place these items under a cushion or blanket where your pet sleeps. This should work like magic.
  • Change in environment. If the new puppy is accustomed to sleeping inside a kennel, crate or other similar small places then he may have a hard time sleeping in an open room. It may take time for him to adjust, just be patient.
  • Exercise. In general, a dog needs around 30-40 minutes per day r panting, running, etc… Like what the old saying goes, a tired dog is a good dog. Thus, if you have a pet that is restless at night, maybe he lacks exercise in order to burn up his excess energy.
  • Diet. They absorb energy different from us. In general, they get lots of energy boost right after eating, so if you feed her late at night, then he will be too energetic to sleep. Try to feed him earlier and allow him to relieve himself before going to bed as well.

Just be sure that your puppy won’t be sleeping the entire day because that would make him wide awake at night. Knowing how to get your dog to sleep make take some time and patience but it is worth it since both your rest and your dog’s would be ensured in the long run. Just be sure to provide a quiet place for him to sleep. And just like yawning is contagious between humans, it works like magic in dogs too. Try to yawn intentionally in front of him and it would induce him to sleep.

Any tips on how you put your pet to sleep? Any additional tricks that you know of? Feel free to share with us below,



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