How to Introduce your Dog to your Baby – Helping your Pekingese Understand


How to Introduce your Dog to your Baby – Helping your Pekingese Understand

Having a baby? Congratulations! A baby is a blessing and it is a very exiting time for everyone. The changes in your lives would be many to mention especially if it is your firsts born. But have you considered, how to introduce your dog to your baby? Your dog can be more of stressful than feeling excited. Fortunately, there are various things you can do in order to help him with his transition. If it happens that you have a dog to fill the role of a kid, and you are expecting your very first human baby, then you have to work on this issue as soon as possible! The moment you find out that your are already pregnant, you have to work it! The sooner you work on it, the better.

Know that dogs are very in tune with its owner, thus with an event as big as a pregnancy, your beloved pet will surely sense something is up. And since he already picked up that there is something going on, it doesn’t mean that he understands them.

How to Introduce your Dog to your Baby

Baby on board? Congratulations! With a new bundle of joy on the way, the “to do’s” might seem endless, but if you’ve already got a four-legged “baby” at home, preparing for the transition is an important item to add to the list. Dogs and cats are particularly sensitive to any changes in routine and surroundings, including sights and smells, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. Know what to expect from your pet when you’re expecting – check out our tips before the big day arrives, and make sure keep your household remains a happy one!

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Introducing your Dog to the Family

  • Leadership. Focus on leadership and re-iterate that you are the pack leader. Nine months is more than enough ample time to work with your dog’s attitude. Get professional help as needed to work with you side by side. You will be happy to see a well-behaved dog when your new baby comes out.
  • Watch your energy. An upcoming baby affects the entire family. If you would feel anxious, happy or worried your pet would mirror your emotions.
  • Claim the scent of your baby. Bring items that belongs to your baby, like a burp cloth or clothings from the hospital at home for your pet to smell. Let your dog sniff the item so that he would get the message that it belongs to you and that he needs to follow your rules when he is around it. This exercise would begin the process of creating respect towards your baby.
  • Establish boundaries. This is true especially when it comes to the nursery. Begin an off-limits rule to the nursery at first until your pet would understand that he can only enter the place if he has your permission. In time, let him explore the room and sniff the items inside it while you are around.
  • Introduction. Take control the introduction between your pet and your baby. Commence it by having a long walk with your pet in order to drain all of his energy. When entering the house, he would immediately know that a new scent has arrived, and both parents must be in a calm-assertive state while holding the baby. Allow your pet to sniff the baby during the first meeting but in a respectful distance, not too close. In time you can let him get closer and closer.
  • Teach your kid. When your baby becomes a toddler and is in the explanatory state, teach her not to bother your pet. Supervise her during her interaction times with your pet. Mutual respect should be taught to your child at an early age.
  • Love your dog more. Do not ever forget your pet just because you already have a child. He doesn’t need all those toys, clothes or other special treatment in order to feel important. Simply maintain your routine with him, such as his walks, bathe time or play time. This would help him feel secured and wouldn’t feel sad about the family’s new addition.

Do not ever assume that your pet wouldn’t pose any behavioral issues basing on his breed alone. It takes a lot of effort in order to maintain a happy home so you better exert some in terms of how to introduce your dog to your baby. Sure, you read news that babies had been bitten bu pit bulls and rotts, but there are also instances that they were also injured by labradors, chows and other mixed-breeds. Your child’s safety comes first in this issue so think a lot on what you should do.

Be honest with yourself, can you really handle your dog 100%?  Tell us your story, we may be able to help you out.






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  1. Great article – and cute photo!! When I was pregnant with my first child, Sara, I used a book called Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant: An essential guide for dog owners who are expecting a baby. It was really helpful and came with a CD of sounds. Max (my fur child!) took some time to get used to the sounds but the book helped on how to do it. Maybe that will help someone else!

  2. Thank you for the insight, Tamara! I am sure other people would be able to read your comment and would also follow suit with your example. Have a very happy parenting! 🙂

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