How To Make Dog Smell Better – Deodorize your Pekingese Naturally


Trying to find ways on how to make dog smell better? There are lots of ways to solve this issue, however, doing it naturally is the best route to take. Know that a healthy dog should not have much of an odor to begin with. If there is an offensive odor from your pet, it usually means that he has health issues. This may range from skin, dental health, allergies, inappropriate diet or blocked anal glands. So, rather than buying lots of commercial products to mask his odor, find a healthier and more natural approach in order to make him smell better.

In general, nobody would love a smelly pooch. It may be a bit exaggerated but personally I think that the smell of your dog is also the scent of your home. So, if he begins to stink, then everything inside your place would also begin to smell bad, you included! Thus, making your pet smell good is a challenge to every pet parent out there. And mastering on how to maintain your pet’s good-smell is important to know, don’t you think so?

How To Make Dog Smell Better – Deodorize your Pekingese Naturally

How To Make Dog Smell Better

If Your Dog is Dirty
If you conclude that your dog is smelling bad, just because he is dirty, or because he has some poop on him, then waste no more time, it is time for you to bathe him. Hose your dog. See that you remove all the dirt (check for dirt between his toes too). Then apply some dog shampoo on him (just be careful that the shampoo does not enter his eyes), and then rinse him thoroughly. Once you are done with this, dry him using a towel or a dog drier (or both). After all the water on his body has dried up, he surely won’t be smelling bad.

If Your Dog has a Skin Allergy
Skin allergies can be a cause of major concern with respect to your dog’s health, and can be a reason behind a bad smelling dog. When a dog has a skin allergy, his body over secretes oils, thus causing a foul odor. So, if your dog shows symptoms of a skin allergy, then you should take him to the vet immediately. After he gets rid of the skin allergy, he will not be smelling bad.

If Your Dog Has a Bad Breath
One of the major reasons why a dog does not smell good is his bad breath. So, you should always take care of your dog’s dental hygiene. You will easily get a dog toothpaste and a dog brush in the market. Buy them, and brush your dog’s teeth. Repeat the brushing at least twice a week. If you notice that a particular type of food is causing bad breath in your dog, then do not feed him that food.

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Methods to Deal with Doggy Smell Naturally

  1. Use baby wipes. While there are lots of dog wipes sold all over the place, baby wipes are gentle enough for a baby’s skin and for your dog’s fur too! Just avoid eye areas. Each wipe is moistened with gentle conditioners, deodorizers and cleansers. These wet tissues work wonders in keeping your dog smelling fresh and squeaky clean! Another added bonus is that it is also ideal to use in wiping your pet’s smelly bums and dirty paws.
  2. Clean his ears. There are times that his foul smell comes from his ears due to mites. To clean his ears quickly, use baby oil or mineral oil and put 3-4 drops in each ear then with a cotton ball, massage the oil inside his ear. Be extra careful in doing this method because you might hurt his eardrum, if you do it too hard or if you poke too deep inside his ear. Be gentle and do it slowly.
  3. Incorporate fruits and vegetables. Add fresh veggies and fruits in his diet. A bad breath is a nuisance to everyone and a quick fix for it is to simply mix dog-friendly veggies and fruits with his dry dog food. You may notice that he won’t eat the fruits and veggies at first but if you are constant in putting it on his bowl, then he would eventually eat it.
  4. Cornstarch or Baking Soda as dry shampoo. Baking soda and cornstarch are good things to keep around the house since it could help you with a number of pet predicaments. for instance, cornstarch can stop a dog’s toenail from bleeding. Cornstarch can also stop itchiness that is associated with dry skin and hot spots. Well, baking soda and cornstarch are things that can help you remove your dog’s smell. Simply sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch directly on his coat and use a towel to gently massage it unto his skin. If he has been playing outside, get a handful of baking soda or cornstarch and apply it directly on his paws and armpits to remove his sweaty smell.
  5. Brush on a regular basis. The act of brushing can help you remove dander, dirt and allergens from his fur. It is ideal to brush your dog on a regular basis outside the house to avoid all those unwanted fur from scattering inside your home.
  6. Brush his teeth. It is never too late to brush your dog’s teeth to eliminate bad breath. Do not use human toothpaste on him, use a doggie toothpaste that is designed for his dental needs.
  7. Wash his bed sheets. Keep his linens clean and wash it regularly. If his bed smells bad, then expect that your pet would smell bad too. If you want him to smell clean and fresh then keep his belongings clean regularly.

It is such a challenge in achieving how to make dog smell better but it is not impossible to do. Also take note that lavender is a natural deodorizer that compliments baking soda and cornstarch well. So, rather than buying those expensive commercial products out there in the market you can add lavender oil unto your baking soda or cornstarch before applying it to your pet. Rest assured, he would smell good!

How do you keep your pekingese smelling good minus the bath? Frequent bathing is not recommended by experts since it would destroy his natural oils on his coat. Share with us your tips and tricks in keeping your pet fresh-scented.




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