How to Massage Dog Legs: Soothing your Pekingese Naturally


How to Massage Dog Legs: Soothing your Pekingese Naturally

Us, humans know the value of stretching and massage when we engage into exercise and sports. Thus, knowing how to massage dog legs is a plus for you and your pet. By stretching, we are keeping our bodies supple; retaining more flexibility and maintaining energy. This principle also holds true with our canine companions.

A lot of pet parents out there invest a lot of energy and time in keeping their pets active just to keep them physically and mentally alert. However,  no matter how careful we are with our pets, accidents and injuries still happen. As their parent, we couldn’t do anything about unhealthy breeding nor can we prevent all accidents from happening. But there is something we can do and that is preventing muscle related issue and strain injuries by massaging and stretching them on a regular basis. By doing so would keep our pets well-balanced, both psychologically and physically, allowing your pet’s agility to be retained as he gets older. A dog that is well-functioning retains its natural suppleness and elasticity.

On the other hand, a dog that has restricted mobility has stiff and short muscles. In this case, when your pet has a short muscle, pressure will then be exerted on the joints thus limiting their mobility. This would lead to impaired blood circulation. Tendons, joints, muscles, and ligaments would end up receiving minimal nutrition and less oxygen. Impaired blood supply would cause lactic acid build up in the muscles which would irritate the pain receptors which leads to the sensation of pain. This cycle would just repeat until you would do your part in correcting it.

How to Massage Dog Legs

How to Massage Front Legs

  1. Let your dog lie on his side and sit in front of his legs.
  2. Run your fingers down his front legs, from shoulder down to the paw with your palms and fingers flat. Alternate in using your hands so that your pet would be relaxed.
  3. Gently wrap your hands on his shoulder muscle. Gently tug down the length of his leg via his paw. Maintain your hand being wrapped on the muscle throughout the procedure. Repeat 2-3 times.
  4. Tap on your pet’s shoulder using your knuckles or fingertips in order for his muscle to loosen up. Do this on the whole shoulder area.
  5. Take his shoulder muscle again and knead on it gently. Do it for some time.
  6. Pinch the long muscle that runs on the back portion of your pet’s leg, from his elbow to the paw. Work your way down this muscle gently then back up again.
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 to the front portion of your pet’s leg.
  8. Repeat entire procedure on the other front leg only after you have done massaging the back leg on the same side.

How to Massage Back Legs

  1. Run your hands down on his back leg, from his thigh down to the paw with fingers and palms flat.
  2. Gently wrap your hands on your pet’s thigh muscle and pull down the length of the feet via his paw. Keep your hands wrapped on his thigh muscle throughout the procedure. Repeat 2-3 times.
  3. Take on his thigh muscle and knead on it gently.
  4. Place 3 fingertips on his thigh area and in small circular motions, work on his entire thigh part – both inner and outer thigh.
  5. Repeat step 2 to end your massage on his back leg.
  6. Repeat the entire procedure on his other back leg.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is injured or not, knowing how to massage dog legs prove to be advantageous to your pet. Whether he spends his day outside playing and goofing around or resting inside, his leg muscles would greatly benefit from the massage that you are going to give him. Be sure to hive him a gentle and effective massage. 

Do you massage your peek’s legs? How often do you give him that luxury? Share it with us on the space provided below. Don’t forget to share this to your friends too.



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