How to Play with your Dog: Deepen your bond with your Pekingese


Is it really necessary to ask how to play with your dog? I bet everyone can do that but the thing is, not everyone have the time nor consider of playing with their beloved pet. Playing with your pekingese or any dog for that matter will help you build a much stronger relationship between the two of you. By playing, he would be able to stimulate his mind and will allow him how to control his energy when you want to settle him down. Besides, a fun game can be healthy for the both of you. If you house a number of dogs, then that set-up would automatically provide a social stimulation of interaction among themselves. And the single dogs would greatly benefit from the interaction he would get from his pet parent.

how to play with your dog

how to play with your dog

As the owner, playing with your dog has its own benefits as well. The enthusiasm your dog would manifest is highly contagious thus happiness would spread. Any owner that would arrive home from a hard day’s work and would be greeted by a loyal and happy dog could not help but feel good about it. The mood shift can help your ease your stress thus making you more relaxed and productive.

Play is a wonderful way to instill general training and control into your dog. Dog training games revolve around commands like sit, stand, fetch and stay can all be taught when you are horsing around with a toy. As a matter of fact, your dog is more likely to learn and retain all your commands when on play mode. Optimism and happiness would encourage his learning process.

Having fun with your pet is such a bliss. May it be a simply game of fetch, or simply throwing a ball for him to retrieve, teaching him to jump into your open arms or simply running around the house playing chase. Such enjoyment is a wonderful reward especially if you had a stressful day at work, playing with your four-legged companion would definitely kiss your stress away.

How to Play with your Dog

Things to consider:

Don’t Compete for the Prize. By doing so you are over-stimulating him as it would encourage a pushy, dominant behavior. He won’t be able to tell that the game is not the same anymore if the one involved is already a child. If encouraged, it would become out of control and things would rather get dangerous.

A person is not a toy. You, yes you, are not a toy and always remember that. Do not in any way involve your clothes, body parts as part of the game. You are not a dog, so don’t act one otherwise he would become the alpha male and would even end up biting you.

Set the rules. Ground rules are important. This would encourage control on your part. Let him learn the commands your way.

Two sets of toys. Give him two sets of toys. One is the pacifier (chew toys), pick one that he would definitely choose over your furniture, shoes and clothing. Second are the interactive types (squeaky toys, balls, tug toys), these are the ones which he would enjoy playing with you.

There are various ways on how to play with your dog. There are breeds that enjoy a specific kind of game that is instilled in their genes. So, you better do a background check on what your pekingese would love to do for his past time and engage on it.

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