How to Shear a Dog – One Way to Save on your Pekingese’s Expenses


Knowing and learning how to shear a dog is not that difficult of a task if you only know what you are supposed to do. It won’t only let your pekingese look groomed and perfect, it would also let you save up to $140 for the groomers tip.

So, why do pet owners decide to shave their dogs? For various of reasons like:

  • It would aid in cooling down their pets during the humid and hot months of summer.
  • Less matting incidence.
  • Minimal shedding of fur.
  • Prevents the development of fungal diseases.
  • Easier to spot for ticks and fleas.
  • For the water loving type of dog, it is easier for him to swim around with shaved fur.
  • Owner trying to go for a certain hairstyle.
  • Senior dogs doesn’t tolerate combing anymore.

Though it may be unnecessary to some breeds like the Malamute and Husky since their coats would act as a natural air conditioner during warm months and would hold on unto heat during the cold winter months. So, if you are wary whether or not to shear your dog, better ask your vet about it for they would be able to give you proper guidance.

How to Shear a Dog – One Way to Save on your Pekingese’s Expenses

How to Shear a Dog

While most of the time it’s not necessary to shear a dog the same way you would shear a sheep, extreme heat, fleas or skin diseases may mean your dog is more comfortable with most of his fur coat sheared off. The tools used are counter-intuitive; it’s easier to shear a dog with regular clippers, while pet shears will typically only be used to follow up and clip away any excess fur remaining. Make sure not to shear your dog in cold climates because without his fur to insulate him, he could become very uncomfortable or even develop hypothermia and possibly die.

Source: eHow, by Marie Mulrooney


Clippers/De-shedding Tools: Prior to shearing him you have to comb out his loose fur. This is where a de-shedding tool comes in handy. Such tools are sold at pet stores or online and they are used at a regular basis in order to control your dog’s shedding for the entire year. Combing your dog regularly would help you control his shedding issues. Clippers are needed when you decide to shear your pet. They are more of an investment since they are a bit pricey, however if you take care of it properly, it would last for a very long time. It is not advisable to use a human clippers for your pet.

Where and When

When you have decided to shear your dog for the first time you must first plan it all out beforehand. Consider the place where you would shave him. If you happen to own a long-haired dog, then a quiet place outdoors would be ideal. Think also if which position would you be more comfortable while working on him, either standing or sitting down. Would your dog just be standing on the floor or you have to place him on a table? Think things properly and consider your dog’s preference too. And if you want him to stand on a table, be sure you put a padding just in case your tools would drop, your dog won’t be startled.

So, when should you groom your pet? It is advised that you groom your pet every 4-6 weeks. This means you are caring for his nails, coat, skin and ears. Try to comb his fur regularly so that he won’t have any matted hair. Bacteria can start forming within 8 weeks of not grooming. Baths should be done at least once a week.

The Shearing Process

First, make sure that his fur is free from mats. Comb him before shaving.

  • Bath him if necessary.
  • If he happens to have a heavily matted fur, then you must shave him first before giving him a bath.
  • After bathing your pet, dry him completely prior to shaving.
  • Get your clipper and put on the blade of your choice. If you want to go for a clean, smooth finish, go for blade #40.
  • Start clipping his hair according to the direction of his hair growth.
  • Use gentle, slow strokes to prevent any cuts or skin irritations.
  • If needed, go get someone to assist you with the process.
  • After shaving, brush his hair and wash him again.

Learning how to shear a dog properly is essential for every dog owner out there especially if you are trying to cut down costs. Just bear in mind that dogs can also get sunburned and skin cancer. And since you already shaved most of his fur that was protecting him from the sun’s rays, consider getting a sunscreen that is designed for them, they come in sprays too. Better ask your vet about these products so that you will get to choose what is the best one for your four-legged companion.

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