How to Stop Dog from Chasing Cat – Making your Pekingese Cat-friendly


Ever wonder how to stop dog from chasing cat? Teaching your pekingese not to chase cats may seem against their nature, however with the right number of patience you can certainly aid in teaching your pet in fighting that urge.

It has not and will not be an easy task when you want to train your pet to stop chasing a cat. Most dogs have a very high predatory instincts and chasing smaller animals is just an instinctual behavior for them. By nature, dogs are carnivores thus, when they see smaller creatures they see it as a potential food. Though you may not see your pet eating a cat literally, but he is hard-wired to chase things when they try to flee away. Therefore, it takes a long time and lots of patience in order to teach and train your beloved pet not to chase a cat and see it as a prey. At the same time, it would help a lot if you can also train your cat not to run away. Though, it would be harder if you are not the owner of the cat. If the cat would learn to stand his ground and not run away, would not give a dog any reason to chase.

How to Stop Dog from Chasing Cat – Making your Pekingese Cat-friendly

How to Stop Dog from Chasing Cat

Dogs chase cats because they have a better developed motor sensor and so whenever a dog sees something small moving quickly your pets become every excited and start to chase them. They even chase other small animals because they are very protective about their territory and whenever they fear that someone one may try to take over they start to chase them away.

The desire to chase cats and other small animals is inborn in nearly all dog breeds. Some dogs run after cars or anything that moves and so it is necessary to teach your dog when it is appropriate to chase and when it is not. The best way on how to stop dog from chasing cat is by tying a leash on your dog when he is near cats as this will prevent him from running and you can control his excited behavior in a much better way.

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Simple Tips that Could Help You

  • Understand your dog. First, you must know and comprehend the reason behind on why he chases cats in the first place. Canines don’t have a highly developed light and color sensors like us, rather they have a better developed motion sensors. Due to this fact, when he sees a smaller critter fleeing away, he becomes excited. He may just also trying to protect his turf (know that sometimes his turf would not limit to your property, he may even reign half of your neighborhood.) So, when it sees a cat intruding his territory, then he charges.
  • Let him be with cats. Try to get him along with cats by first placing him in a room with a cat, be sure you have his leash on. Also, see to it that the cat has an escape route in case things would get rough. Let them get comfortable together with your supervision.
  • Control him. If your dog shows signs of aggression and would attempt to jump, hold him back. Command him to stop and leave the cat be.
  • Cool him down. In case your dog wouldn’t respond to your command, use a plant spray bottle with a cold water in it. Spray him on the face and command a stern ‘NO’ to him in order to get his attention.

As unnatural as it may seem, but being able to co-exist peacefully is a much more nicer environment for everyone, don’t you agree? Not everyone can be successful in trying on how to stop dog from chasing cat, but if you are patient and persistent enough, then you are bound to succeed.

What is your story about your pekingese and cats? Share with us how you made them became friends.



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