How to Teach a Dog to Heel – Be in Command of your Pekingese


How to Teach a Dog to Heel – Be in Command of your Pekingese

Learning and executing how to teach a dog to heel is very essential to every dog owner out there. It never ceases to amaze me how many pet lovers go out on a walk and is being dragged out and about by their pets. And what’s more is the fact that they would blame their pets for this nasty behavior, if only they would realize that the problem is really with them.

If your pet would drag you during your walks, then you are not the alpha here. Canines are very smart and wise creatures, and they would never hesitate to take advantage of the situation if you let them. The thing is, teaching your pet how to heel only takes a short period of time to teach. It must be one of the first basic commands that your pet should learn since day one.

Teaching him how to heel would ensure you that your pet would behave nicely when you are out in public. Also, it would let them know who the boss really is, which is imperative to your human-dog relationship. He should be able to ask guidance from his pack leader (you) before running of to somewhere chasing a cat or another dog.

How to teach a dog to heel

  1. Positioning. The correct way to walk your pet is to keep him on your left side with his leash across in your front which is being held by your right hand.
  2. Walk at will. Your pet should walk with his shoulder or head in sync with your hip at his will. You are not exerting effort to keep the leash tight in place. The leash must be loose between the two of you with minimal contact.
  3. Teach him to watch. Letting him learn to watch with you and not simply obey via his leash.
  4. Your arm. Your leash is an extension of your arm and do not correct your pet unless it is truly needed.
  5. Get his attention. The key for teaching him to heel is to be able to get his attention. Begin by standing or sitting beside your dog in the proper position. Try getting his attention by calling out his name, making noises or tapping his head lightly, or any way you can possibly think of. When he looks at you, tap or slap your left hip and say “Here.” This is a command, he can learn via looking where you are tapping. This way you are providing him a reference point where his place is when heeling.
  6. Practicing it. Now, that you know your places, put it to practice. In general  dogs would forge ahead his way. In order to correct this, get him a leash that is tight enough to let you step across in front of him. If he charges ahead, make a sharp turn and step in front of him and change the direction. Walk again, and if he tries to do it again, do that pattern again. Repetition would allow him to learn that you are the boss and not him.

With extra patience, you will be able to execute properly how to teach a dog to heel. Aside from his wonderful behavior, another benefit is the fact that you two would be able to form a stronger and closer bond. Just know that there are dogs that are quite a challenge to train and this doesn’t mean that he is a bad dog. It just means that you got to work harder in order to get the result you desire.

Does your pekingese know this command already? How did you train him? Tell us how you did it, we can learn from you. There’s a space provided below for your feedback. Don’t forget to share and like out page too!



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