How to Tell if your Dog is Pregnant – Is your Pekingese Having a Litter?


Pregnancy in dogs may be not that easy to spot. Being able to know how to tell if your dog is pregnant is one of the many traits of being a responsible owner. Every owner would want to know the signs and symptoms of doggy pregnancy in order to ensure proper health care.

Gestation is the period from conception to birth. It is usually 63 days from the day of ovulation. Know that the ovulation day is not the time when she was breeding. During her first week of gestation, there are only few signs of pregnancy, mostly it is about a noticeable weight gain. Morning sickness occurs during her 3rd or 4th week of gestation and it is due to the effects of progesterone. This is the time that you will see her lazy, no appetite and would vomit from time to time.

On her 40th day, you will be able to see her nipples begin to darken in color and enlarge, her belly size is increasing as well. And as the day of her delivery is approaching you will be able to express milk from her nipples. Take note that most bitches would develop an enlarged breasts after heat period, so this alone is not a conclusive sign that she is indeed pregnant.

How to Tell if your Dog is Pregnant – Is your Pekingese Having a Litter?

How to Tell if your Dog is Pregnant

  • Changed eating habits. Pay close attention to her eating habits. If her appetite seems low or that she isn’t paying attention to her favorite meal, then she may be experiencing morning sickness.
  • Vaginal discharge. Check her for any vaginal discharges, this is a common sign of pregnancy.
  • Enlarged and darkened breasts. Take the time to check her breasts if it is engorged or not. Like I mentioned earlier, this is not a conclusive sign since it could also swell during heat season. Better observe her for days and check if milk would be present later on.
  • Behavioral changes. If there is a sudden drop of energy level, then something is up. If she seems to be always tired, restless or generally uncomfortable then these are positive signs.
  • Swollen abdomen. Take the time to check if her tummy has swollen. This usually occurs during midway of he gestation. You can even feel the puppies if she is already near her term.
  • Nesting. If your pet is scratching on the floor or gathering blankets around her or is trying to find a secluded spot to rest in then she may be getting ready for birth and aftercare of the litter.

The most accurate way on how to tell if your dog is pregnant is by taking a trip to her vet. A simple X-ray and blood test would give you a definitive answer. It is advisable that you seek medical guidance as soon as you find out that she is pregnant. Your vet can give you helpful tips about caring and feeding for a pregnant dog.

Is your pekingese pregnant or have had litter before? How did you handle it? Was there any special treatment or diet that was needed? Share with us your story below.




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