How to Treat a Sick Puppy – Curing your Ill Pekingese


Owning a cute and cuddly pup such as a pekingese brings a lot of responsibility. And knowing how to treat a sick puppy is a must for every dog owner. Your pup may suffer from various health issues and since your pet cannot talk to you directly about how he feels, then it is your responsibility as the owner to spot it and bring to the vet if needed be. Some of the most common illnesses range from bacterial infections, trauma, immune abnormalities, degenerative disorders, cancer, metabolic disorders or genetic factors. And to name the most common doggy illnesses it would be the following: dental illness, parasite infestation, ear infection, tumor/cancer, food allergy, skin allergies, kidney failure, obesity, epilepsy, diabetes, stomach inflammation and many more.

Every pet parent should be keen and vigilant enough to spot the signs and symptoms of a sick dog. Common indications would include vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, lethargy, weakness, unproductive retching, pale mucus membranes, difficulty in breathing, bloody stool or urine, foul smelling discharges, frequent head shaking. Intestinal blockage may cause constipation or other defecating problems or maybe you have a recent diet change. Persistent coughing may be due to kennel cough, heart disease, heart worm infestation or pneumonia. Bloody urine may indicate UTI, internal injury or a kidney problem.

When your puppy is sick, he would need your full attention and utmost care. If you notice anything that is out of the normal, it is wise that you would take him immediately to your vet. If you notice diarrhea and vomiting try hydrating him first and change his diet. Vomiting would mean that he has abdominal upset, thus do not allow him to drink too much water at once as it may trigger more vomiting which would then result to dehydration. Do not feed him for the next 12 hours after his last episode of vomiting then give him small amounts of white meat diet like boiled chicken or fish with white rice. If he happens to lose his appetite to eat, don’t leave it be. Try giving him attractive foods such as fresh chicken, ham, cat food and gravy. Try also serving his food warm and adding garlic to his meals is a wise move too.

How to Treat a Sick Puppy – Curing your Ill Pekingese

How to Treat a Sick Puppy

  • Know the symptoms. Determine what your pekingese have. May it be diarrhea, vomiting, colds, fever, cough, etc…
  • Take him to the vet. Before trying to treat his illness, going to the vet is your first option. Collaborating with your vet is a wise move in treating your pet.
  • Dog medicine. Ask your vet about what doggy medicine should your pet be taking in. Dogs are just like humans who would take medications when sick. Ask your vet about it.
  • Rest. Allow your pet to get lots and lots of rest. Do not allow him to play too much and hydrate him. If you have kids in the house, do not allow him to rough-play with him since your pup isn’t doing well.
  • High-quality dog food. Be sure you won’t buy dog foods that has high content of meat by-products, cornmeal, poultry byproducts or any component that would make your pet sick.
  • Puppy love. Your pet would also need your attention, time and tender, loving care. Snuggle with him and let him feel that you hate that he is sick and that you would do anything in order to help him ease his illness.

If your pet has an issue about appetite, then keep things plain and simple. I recommend giving him cooked chicken with rice with no salt, spices or butter. And that if you happen to feed him dry food most of the time, try giving him a wet canned dog food to keep it appealing. Try giving your pet something to eat to keep his sugar from dropping low. Hypoglycemia is a scary thing for you and your dog.

Knowing how to treat your puppy at home is essential for every pet parent. There are times that you can treat your pet at home depending on what his illness. While other cases would require immediate vet attention. Also know that if you won’t do anything about it would mean that your pet may die due to negligence.

What do you do when your pekingese is sick? Share with us your experience so that we all can learn from it. Also don’t forget to like and forward our page to your friends who has pets to keep share the information.




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  1. I have a 10 week old miniature pekingese. The last day and a half he will not really eat or play at all, he is very lethargic and just want to sleep. He ate a bit of cooked chicken but not much.
    I am very concerned as this is not how he is. He has not had a runny tummy been normal stools.

    Any advise please

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