How to Treat Pink Eye in Dogs – Treating your Pekingese’s Conjunctivitis


How to Treat Pink Eye in Dogs – Treating your Pekingese’s Conjunctivitis

How to treat pink eye in dogs is rather easy. Dog conjunctivitis is a common eye infection and even us, humans, experience it once or twice a year. This illness would cause the white portion of your dog’s eyes to turn into pink, hence the term ‘pink eye.’ And if you leave it without any intervention, it would lead to your dog’s blindness.

Signs of pink eye would include the pinkish to reddish color of the eyes, swelling of surrounding tissues, eye discharges, and worse condition would be that your pet’s eye would be swollen shot. Once you notice it, either bring him to the vet or conduct your own intervention to help your dog.

How to Treat Pink Eye in Dogs

The first step in treating your dog’s pink eye is making sure the eye and the eye area are clean.  Use a soft, fresh cloth to wipe away excess dirt, discharge and foreign bodies.

If you think that there might be something lodged in the back of the eye, try flushing out the eye with lukewarm water.  If you do see something lodged in the eye, take the dog to the veterinarian to have it removed.

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Treating Pink Eye at Home

  • Get a washcloth and soak it in lukewarm water. Wring out the excess water from the cloth and gently use it to wipe any discharges from your pet’s eye.
  • Try to find any foreign object and remove it.
  • Using a lukewarm water, flush your pet’s eye or you may use human artificial tears that contains no preservatives. This is essential if you don’t find any foreign object in his eye.
  • Place a compress on your pet’s eye. You can use a clean washcloth that has been soaked from a lukewarm water and folded in square. Hold the compress unto his eye but do not apply pressure, however use a different cloth for each eye so that infection won’t spread.
  • Repeat the aforementioned steps until his pink eye goes away. You can also call your vet to inquire about eye ointments which are safe to use.

Knowing on how to treat pink eye in dogs would greatly benefit you and your pet. Aside from the fact that you could save dollars for the vet trips, your dog can also be comfortably recuperating in a place he is familiar with rather than bringing him to the clinic which may cause him to feel uncomfortable and confused.

Did your pekingese experience pink eye already? How did you treat it?  Share with us your home remedies or techniques so that we can also benefit from it.



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  1. Help please, my Peke is 10 and her eyes are full of mucus and blueish. Most everyday they are stuck together. I use a baby wash cloth and warm water but nothing is clearing them up and she hates this. Thank you, kathy

  2. My Pekingese had pink eye and this really helped me a lot
    Using a lukewarm water and using the soft wash cloth to clean her eye out, also i have used human artificial tears that helped alot and saved alot of money. This is a great idea if you don’t find any foreign object in your pups eye.
    I also have used some benadryl for watery eyes and that helped to. ( just look up or ask your vet how much to give)

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