How to Whiten Dog Fur: Restoring your Pekingese’s Original White Color


Have a white pekingese and wonder how to whiten dog fur? Dogs that have white coat often lose their white shine as years pass by. Grime, dirt and age can cause any dog that has a white fur to have a yellowish appearance. If you want your pet to look healthy, clean and groomed then his fur should be treated in order to restore it to its original white glorious color.

A dog’s white fur can have a yellowish appearance due to several other causes such as pollen, dust and dirt. Daily brushing would help remove some of the debris on his coat and bathing helps too. There are various specialty shampoos in the market that are formulated to whiten his fur, and there are home remedies as well. A mix of both approach would definitely leave your pet with a soft, white, manageable coat.

How to Whiten Dog Fur

How to Whiten Dog Fur: Restoring your Pekingese’s Original White Color

Naturally Whiten His Fur

  • Wipe down his coat daily. Pour equal parts of whitening dog shampoo and water into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture unto a damp, warm cloth and wipe it on his fur, focus on the stained areas.
  • Make your own stain remover. Mix equal parts of 1% peroxide and milk of magnesia. Work 1 tsp at a time, then add cornstarch to the mixture until it turns into a paste. Apply the paste on the stained areas and allow it to set in for a few hours. Gently comb the paste out when removing it. Then use a conditioner to soften up his fur before removing the paste. If you put the paste in an area that your pet can reach, cone him so that he won’t lick it off.
  • Another whitening concoction. Mix equal parts of baby powder, milk of magnesia and boric powder into a paste. Apply the paste on his stained fur and let it air-dry. After it is dry already, gently comb the paste out of his fur.

Preventing Tear Stains

  • Give him purified water. Giving him high-quality water is your first line of defense against tear stain discoloration. Purified would minimize tear stains since it is free of high levels of iron and harsh chemicals that would promote the discoloration.
  • No food coloring. Avoid treats or foods that contains added coloring. Pet products and food that has dye would only cause fur discoloration. Feeding your pekingese high-quality, dye-free food and treats to promote better living while preventing gross stains.
  • Keep his hair out of his eyes. Tear stains are often a result of over reactive tear production. So, you better keep his facial hair off his eyes. And if you do not want to cut his hair off then at least use a doggy rubber band or clip his hair on top to prevent it from entering his eyes.

Whether it is your clothing, furniture or dog coat, maintaining the healthy, shiny white look can be a challenge. Thus, knowing how to whiten dog fur on your own can help you cut down the expenses. While there are several whiteners available commercially, organic solutions are always safer that has effective results as well.

How is your pekingese’s white coat lately? Is it as white as it should be? Do you treat it yourself or you take him to the groomers? Share your tips and guidelines that were not mentioned here so that we can all learn from it. If you have friends that are having this issue, please do share this post with them.





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