Introducing a Second Dog into Your Home – Making your Pekingese Dog-Friendly


Introducing a Second Dog into Your Home – Making your Pekingese Dog-Friendly

One of the most difficult issues of being a pet owner is introducing a second dog into your home, may it be a puppy or not. A pooch who has been with you and your family for a long time for himself may not be that welcoming towards another dog into his turf and may not like the idea of sharing his pack. The very first meeting of the two dogs is the most crucial part, so as the owner you must study and research well to improve your chances of success.

On the other hand, dogs are social animals and would prefer the company of other dogs if done right. With proper planning, introductions, preparations and choosing the most suitable dog then introducing a second dog at home can be possible without any negative incident. Don’t be too surprised to see your senior dog acting like a puppy again when he sees a new pup in the house, it would be like a second childhood for him. But like I said earlier, introductions must be done correctly.

Introducing a Second Dog into Your Home

Introducing a second dog to your home requires a lot of thought. It means a complete change in your “normal” family routine. It matters not whether the new dog is a puppy or an adult.

There are many things to consider before you bring the new pet home.

It isn’t just a matter of bringing the new dog home and you all will live happily ever after (though that can be a remote possibility.)

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Guidelines to Follow

  • Consider your dog first. The idea of getting a new addition to the family may be wonderful for you and the kids but it is your dog who you should consider first. How does he think about it? If you notice that he barks at every dog that passes by your place, you can consider that as them guarding your place. However, if he is still agressive towards other dogs outside, like the park, street, or even at the vet clinic then you may want to think twice about the idea.
  • Choose the Correct Dog. Generally, a mix of a male and female is ideal compared to getting 1 females or 2 males. Also, it was noted that dogs of different ages seem to be more happier with the company. They must also be of almost same size so that there would be a minimal chance of the tiny dog being bullied.
  • The Introduction. Upon first encounter, the two of them must be on strict supervision – either on leash or with a partition between them like a fence. Do not in any way do the introductions alone, ask for assitance from a capable person. If the two dogs are on the leash, avoid frontal meeting, begin by walking them side by side. If they are on a fenced yard and seem to be getting along just fine, then allow them to romp together on a leash.
  • Preparing the home. Once they get used to each other, and such time that you are comfortable with your second dog’s temperament  then it is time to bring him home. See to it that both dogs are separated during meal times, this is where baby-gates work wonders. Buy new set of toys, bedding, food bowl, leash and crate so that your older dog won’t have to share what he has already.
  • Homecoming. Upon entering the home, do not give in to the temptation of letting them run around the place unsupervised. Guide the new dog around the house and correct him for any behavior that you don’t agree with. Show him the yard and his potty area and of course, the place where he would be sleeping.
  • Monitor them. It varies from days, weeks to months before they completely get used to each other. Not unless you are so sure that there won’t be any trouble, keep them separated when you are not around to watch over them. In any case, never leave the two dogs alone together in one room.

Us humans all have friends with the same things that we are into and no matter how loyal and how much our dogs love us and vice versa, there are still things that they enjoy doing only with other dogs. If done right, introducing a second dog into your home can enrich their lives as well as yours.

How many dogs do you have with you? Tell us more about your story through the space provided below.




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  1. mrs janet anchors says:

    Hi there we have been very lucky to have had 9 pekes over the last 35 yrs all pets some rescued we just have one left now and she is 14 yrs old called jade they are a lovely breed to have we have done well over the years 4 lived to 15 1/2 years most of the work is there coats need to be brushed daily but enjoyed every minute very loving loyal all got on well together do miss them all very much would love to adopted some more but live in the uk will keep trying xx

    • Bless you for having a kind heart, Mrs. Janet! Keep the loving these lovely pets. Be a blessing to them and blessings will surely come your way. 🙂

  2. Marie Nielsen says:

    I read this while choosing a second pup to keep company to the peke we already had. I followed the advice given here and it was a successful introduction and welcome home. We were lucky enough to find another peke at a shelter. Chewie, our first pup, is still getting used to the new pal. Today was our first day and so far so good. Vader, our new pup, is a great addition to our family. Wish us luck!

    • Amazing work, Marie! Glad that we somehow helped you in any way we can. Congratulations on your new pup! 🙂

      • Marie Nielsen says:

        Thank you! Well, it’s been 2 weeks already and we keep practicing the advice!! They get along great and Chewie has not been to jealous. Thank you so much! This article truly made a difference and a successful introduction to our home. Again THANK YOU!!!

  3. I want to add another peke to the family, but I’m concerned about possibly lessening the bond my current peke and I have. I’m still slightly concerned about it but this article has put my mind at ease.


  4. I have a 11 weeks old pug puppy that I brought into my home Which I also Have a Pekinese who is 10 yr old my, pug puppy have being with me for three weeks but my pekinese will not come around in play with him yet can any body tell me what should i do to get them to play together P.S inquire mind wants to no.

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