Introducing New Puppy to an Older Dog – Avoid Tragedy Happening to your Pekingese


Before you quickly bring a new pup at home, be sure you make plans for introducing new puppy to an older dog who is already staying at your house. In general, adult dogs often welcome a new puppy however it is also essential that you are able to select the compatible pet matches. Other pups needs quarantine first before meeting the rest of the family. Always bear in mind that your older dog will naturally protect his territory. And your new puppy may feel uncomfortable and clueless about his new environment and may end up challenging the older dogs which would make them mad. Proper introductions are needed to see to it that both sides would start on the positive note.

The success rate of the introductions between the puppy and older resident would depend on several variables. Firt, your older dog must have a positive history of getting along with other dogs. If you notice that your dog had fights with other dogs, or that he would become aggressive towards others then you would certainly have a hard time introducing a new pup at home. But if you see him playing well with other dogs in the community or that he is just laid-back while others are loitering around then chances are he would readily accept the new addition to the family.

Introducing New Puppy to an Older Dog – Avoid Tragedy Happening to your Pekingese

Introducing New Puppy to an Older Dog

The nature of dogs is that they don’t raise puppies when they are advanced in age; just like us, they want to raise their kids when they still have the energy to keep up with them. It’s not that the puppies are “obnoxious” to them – it’s just that they have another state of mind – puppy hood vs. senior hood. In order to be around the older dogs, the puppy has to already have his social skills and his energy drained so they will accept him into the group.

Source: Cesar’s Way, by Cesar Milan (Dog Whisperer)

How to Introduce a Puppy to the Family

  • Neutral Ground. The first meeting must be done on a neutral ground like a dog park, training center, neighbor’s yard or the likes. That way, your dog won’t feel threatened or over protective over his turf so that he would be open to meeting the new puppy.
  • Sniffing. When your dog show a happy interest during his meeting, let him be. Pick out an open place where they can sniff each other out with reduced tension. Keep their first greeting short, around 10 minutes to keep them tiring. Call them out from each other by giving them each chew toys too make the mood happy.
  • Positive Attitude. Keep an eye out for a positive doggy body language. A classic positive invitation is the game “play bow” where his tail end goes up and front end goes down. If you see him yawning, it means ‘I’m not a threat’ and this is a very positive sign from the dogs. Just keep an eye out for signs so that you can prevent any aggression from occurring.
  • Parallel Walking. Take a friend with you and take both dogs for a walk and keep both leashes loose to encourage socialization.
  • Home Court Meeting. If they have met several times outside, you can now try to re-introduce the pup in your front/backyard. Put a fence in between them first for safety measures. Always remember that if you own multiple dogs already, the new pup should meet one dog at a time.

Introducing new puppy to an older dog need not to be a failure nor a tragedy.  I personally know a sad story about this one and because of negligence, everything went bad and unfortunately the new puppy died. You wouldn’t want this to happen to you, right? Being a responsible owner plays a big part in the success of the introduction of the new puppy. Be cautious and extra vigilant of your dog’s body language to prevent any mishap.

Do you know any story related to this one? Feel free to share it with us any time, may it be positive or negative so that we can all learn something from it.



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