Is Nail Polish Bad for Dogs? Know for the Sake of your Pekingese


Is nail polish bad for dogs? When we talk about dog grooming, most female pet parents would want to consider nail polish on the list. But is it safe or not? Nail clipping, shampooing and conditioning your peke’s coat is considered to be part of a proper dog grooming. However due to the ever changing needs of your dog – and with the help of the famous celebrities out there – there are several aspects of dog grooming that has been either removed or added.

When we talk about doggy nail polish, it is much more like of the human nail polish that comes in a variety of colors. Plus there are certain hues that are so popular among pet parents such as lime green, purple, fuschia, white, electric blue, black to name a few. There are also clear shimmers available if you wish your pet to have shiny nails minus the colors.

And if you are really thinking that there is no difference between a dog and human nail polish, this is where you are wrong. As a matter of fact, it is not a good idea to use human polish on your pet. And why you ask? Simply because it contains hazardous ingredients which prove to be toxic to dogs. A nail polish that is designed for dogs contains natural ingredients like aloe, green tea extracts and seaweeds  A human nail polish may cause skin irritation and your pet might accidentally chew on it which may cause him harm. So, better be careful.

According to the experts that the chemical formaldehyde alone can already cause skin irritation and rashes. And fumes of a human nail polish can cause your pet to have dizziness, coughing, immune dysfunction and headaches  These are effects that will occur in humans who has a higher immunity system. Due to their size, dogs have a much lower immune system compared to ours, thus using a nail polish designed for humans would potentially make those symptoms occur that has a higher degree of severity.

Is Nail Polish Bad for Dogs? Know for the Sake of your Pekingese

Is Nail Polish Bad for Dogs?

Please go through this article by Amalia LeRutte from I Love Dogs website for a very detailed explanation on the said subject, simply Click Here

How to Paint your Dog’s Nails

  • Inspect. First is to check the condition of his nails before putting on a polish. If he happens to have cracked, split or brittle nails then don’t put on a polish on him yet. Rather try to rub a nails slave on him and wait for a few days or weeks until his nails are in good condition again.
  • Trim. It is ideal that you trim your pet’s toenails days before you paint them. If you can’t do it on your own, then bring him to the groomers or vet and let them trim and file his nails.
  • Get doggy nail polish. Along with that, also buy a doggy nail polish remover pads. Nail polish for humans has formaldehyde and other chemicals that are not safe for dogs. And the same goes for the human nail polish remover.
  • Relaxed state. See to it that your pet is comfy, happy and sleepy before you decide to start the nail painting session. You can either sit on the floor or cradle him on your lap so that it would be easy to do the task. You have to paint it fast and do not worry about making it perfect. If you get a part of his fur painted, simply remove it using the nail remover pads.

I hope your inquiry about is nail polish bad for dogs have been answered. Nail polish is not just for humans anymore. As a matter of fact, groomers have been performing paw manicures for a long time now. Just do it the right way to keep your pet safe.

Do you do paw manicures on your peke? What is his/her favorite color? Tell us your experience about it, good or bad below. We might learn a thing or two from you. Don’t forget to like our page too!




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