Keeping Dogs Cool in the Summer – Let your Pekingese enjoy the Season Safely


What do you do in order to help keeping dogs cool in the summer season? Summertime is the time where everything seems bright, breezy and humid! And it is the only time of year when you are doing lots of ways in order to cool down, but what about your beloved pekingese  Our pets especially the pekingese breed are so prone to overheating. Dogs in general suffer the same issues that we have such as sunburn, dehydration and overheating. So, taking the necessary steps in order to help him cool down during the summer would ensure that he would also enjoy the hot summer sun safely.

Dogs are much less efficient in keeping their temperatures down compared to us, thus making them more susceptible to overheating. Their sweat glands are on their paw pads and nose. As you can see, they tend to drink water and pant in order to regulate their temperature  so always have a clean, cold water ready for him 24/7. And if in case your pet is more of the outdoor type, then see to it that you bring him in during the peak hours of the day and also provide a shaded area for him in the yard.

Keeping Dogs Cool in the Summer - Let your Pekingese enjoy the Season Safely

Keeping Dogs Cool in the Summer – Let your Pekingese enjoy the Season Safely

Keeping Dogs Cool in the Summer – Suggested Summer Tips

Doggie Boots. Make use of doggie boots, they are not only for the rainy season. You can get some at the local pet shop. This is a good way to protect him from the heat that rises from the ground, especially from asphalt or cement surfaces.

Early morning exercise. Yes, and I do mean very early morning or you can also do it during late evening since this are the cooler parts of the day. By doing so would make you and your dog more comfortable with walking. No vigorous exercise for your pet during this season, please!

Observe dehydration. Be mindful and know the signs of dehydration. It is a fact that canines are unable to sweat and will cool down by panting. If you see your pet drooling excessively, then he is already overheated. A dehydrated dog would also become pale, lethargic with bloodshot eyes. Plus, if you try to lift his skin, it won’t go back immediately into place.

Water. Water is life. Keep him dehydrated! So, whenever you are walking with him, always bring a bottle of water or two with you.

Be Innovative. You don’t have any AC at home? Not an issue! Find a shaded part in your yard and set up a kiddie pool. Or your can lay down a wet towel for your pet to lie on. Or better yet, turn on your fan with a block of ice in front of it. Genius, I know.

Let him dig. This is the only season where you won’t reprimand him for digging in the yard. He is just trying to cool down on his own. You can even point out a cool, shady area and encourage him to dig there.

Swim. This is the best activity to engage in during this hot season. Rather than taking him for a walk, try go and take him for a swim. Let him first discover the cool waters of the pool before you two dive in. This would be a good bonding experience for the both of you.

With sky-rocketing temperatures all over the country, it is essential that you take steps in keeping dogs cool in the summer. It is not just a human issue anymore, he needs your help in cooling down so that he can also enjoy the hot season with you.

How do you enjoy the summer heat with your pet? Other tips that I forgot to mention here? Do not hesitate to leave your insights on the space provided below.



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