Multi Dog Household: Keeping the Peace Between a Pekingese and Other Dogs


Multi Dog Household

There are people that won’t be contented with one dog, and living in a multi dog household is a heaven for most dog lovers. However, it would require more time and effort on your part compared to having only one pooch around. The biggest advantage of having several dogs around is the fact that they would play and drain out their energy with each other, but once differences arise then it is double the trouble!

People get several dogs for different reasons. Some would do it for sheer enjoyment and companionship while others would want to have more eyes and ears to watch their places when everyone is out. Regardless of the reason behind, as the owner you should also keep some things in mind.

Multiple dogs would mean lots of training since you have to train them individually. It is a known fact that one can’t teach a dog effectively when they are with a group. Different dogs have different temperaments thus you also have to be flexible with your approach of training them. But if you have the spare cash to burn, then you can always take them to the training school to take the pressure off yourself.

Also know that being in a pack is already instilled in every dog’s genes. A long time ago, all of the dogs’ forefathers all lived in harmony together in the wild and looking out for each other. So, if you are planning to build a pack, choose breeds that have strong genes for pack harmony such as Beagles, Labradors, Coonhounds, Bassets, Golden Retrievers and avoid the fighting and ever so aggressive breeds like the Pit Bulls, Australian Kelpies and the likes. Such breeds can’t survive living in a group inside a home harmoniously, but if you have skills like Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, then maybe, just maybe, you can make it work out.


Multi Dog Household

Think twice. Think over and over again before you go get a second, third or fourth dog. Bear in mind that every extra dog you take means extra effort and time from you, not to mention the costs. And if one dog would misbehave chances are the others would jump in and would cause chaos. Be considering on the needs of your existing pet, if he is already a senior try getting a not so rough puppy for him to socialize with.

Introduce. Let the dogs involved meet before you bring home the new addition to the family. It is the time where you can evaluate if the chosen dog is good to bring home or not basing on the resident dogs’ reactions.

Expectation. It is good that you will know what to expect during the first encounter. Let them go and explore each other on dog terms while you keep a watchful eye on their every move.

Be the Alpha. Maintain your position as the alpha or the pack and make sure that you wouldn’t be overthrown by the other dogs on that position. Being the alpha would mean that they would respect and follow your every command.

Feeding time. Make sure each dog have a separate bowl and are eating far away from each other to prevent any form of aggression.

Be fair. Giving them your affection evenly is ideal because if they would notice that you are in favor of one dog then this would be the start of a bad relationship thus fighting the one you favored with.

Sleeping area. See to it that each dog has his own sleeping area and bed. Let them know which bed belongs to who and that they must remain there during nap times. You can also let them choose their own sleep quarters and place his bed there not unless you don’t find it suitable. Don’t be surprised if all dogs would prefer to sleep in close proximity with the other. Just make sure that they have enough space and bedding.

Living in a multi dog household can be so much fun. However it is really a big responsibility  There are days that goes by without a hitch while others are so challenging. Every day is a day for you to learn is such a household and the dynamics would actually depend on the individuals involved in the pack. Choose wisely on who to add to your home and you can always call for professional help if things really get out of hand.

Do you happen to have several dogs living with you? How do you keep the harmony at home? Don’t hesitate to share with us your input and tips so that we all can learn from you.



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  1. Jet McGuire says:

    I have 6 pekes. All healtly. Very obedant. Thete my best friends.

  2. 2 female Pekes and a male Yorkie. Love my little pack!

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