My Pekingese Is A Picky Eater: What To Do?


At some point in every owner’s life, you’ll find out that your Pekingese is a picky eater. The only difference is that it varies from dog to dog on how picky they are. It’s not just the Pekingese breed that are picky eaters, most smaller breeds are, so you aren’t alone out there. What happens when your Peke is so picky that they refuse to eat?

My Pekingese Is A Picky Eater

My Pekingese Is A Picky Eater

My Pekingese Is A Picky Eater

Now, there are always going to be some people who will just say “When they get hungry they’ll eat, no matter what you put out there”. But when your baby is suffering because they won’t eat and are basically refusing to eat anything you put out, you can’t simply wait until they break and eat. Finding something that they like and possibly rotating it with other foods that they like can also be frustrating as it means more time and money for you to hope that they like something. So what do you do? Well, here are some tips and advice from professionals that can help you:

Tip #1: Make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to feeding the dog.

According to Louise Murray, DVM, on WebMD Pets, you want to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to feeding, and not feeding, the dog. For example, if you’re giving your Pekingese only dog food, but your spouse is giving them treats off their plate, an eating schedule won’t work at all. Plus, they will know they can go to that person and they’ll get treats.

Tip#2: Keep “people” food and dog food separate.

Margaret Hoppe, DVM, recommends that you keep your food and a dog’s food completely separate. Don’t let your Pekingese associate your eating with them eating. If you feed them in their bowl while you are eating or worse, feed them scraps from the table, then your dog is going to associate you eating with them eating. According to Hoppe on “You have to keep it very separate. Otherwise they’ll start to think they can eat their food and their owner’s, too.”

Tip #3: Don’t feed your Pekingese from the table

Always make sure that you have a separate food and water dish for your Peke and that you don’t feed them while you’re at the table. Otherwise, they will see you sitting and believe that you’re going to give them something good if they just hold out.

Tip #4: Schedules are key

Even if your dog is older and no longer a rowdy puppy, schedules are still key to getting any picky Pekingese to eat right. Feed them a couple of times a day or ask your vet to recommend a schedule for your dog. As your dog gets bigger, you can increase the amount of food that they get.

Tip #5: Help them with the transition

To get your Pekingese to go from people food to dog food, try to mix in some people food with their normal breakfast or dinner. However, you want to make sure that it’s healthy people food, such as fresh vegetables and small bits of grilled meat. Keep in mind that corn is not a good food for your dog, so don’t give them corn when you’re trying to transition.

When To Call Your Vet

If your dog has suddenly gone from eating well to not eating at all, it’s time to call your vet, even if you’ve switched dog foods recently. If you feel that your dog might not be well or you notice a change in their behavior, it’s time to take them to the doctor. Trust your gut, if you think that your Pekingese is a picky eater that’s one thing, but if you think that there is something wrong, always check with your vet.

Sometimes it’s hard to get your Pekingese back onto dog food after they’ve been spoiled for too long. Make sure that you share this article with your friends on Facebook and add your own comments below if you’ve had this same problem.



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