Natural Dewormer for Dogs: An Option for your Pekingese


Your pet doesn’t need to take all those medicines at a very young age, if you can go organic, the better. Today, I will discuss about natural dewormer for dogs. Yes, there are lots of natural methods in order to get rid of those pesky worms in your dog’s system. Mother nature has given us lots of remedies which we could use in aiding our health as well as our pet’s to ensure a long and healthy life ahead. Though not all the time the holistic approach could be used. If your pet has light infestation, then we can use the herbal medications; otherwise a conventional dewormer is needed. Thus it is also wise to have your pet checked by your vet every 3 months via stool examination. Do not be shy in asking your vet if you can treat it holistically either.

So, what are the signs that your pet is already infested with worms? Check his feces. If you see tiny, white worms then it is a positive. He has something that looks like rice grains on his anus. He has diarrhea and would vomit often. He is losing weight and listless.

If you notice that your pet is having repeating infestations, then take a closer look at the environment. Roundworms spread from eggs in the soil, grass or stool on the ground. See to it that your lawn is clean and that all feces are secured. Tapeworms are due to mice or fleas; ask your vet about flea-control program and go buy some mouse traps.

Natural Dewormer for Dogs: An Option for your Pekingese

Natural Dewormer for Dogs

  • Garlic. Aside from the fact that this is good in boosting your pet’s immune system, this has shown to be effective against Giardia parasite. Your pet can acquire this parasite by drinking infested water and garlic has the reputation to ward off all kinds of worms. You can mince 1/2-2 cloves of it and add to your dog’s food daily. Be warned though, garlic has anti-platelet activity and would increase the risk of bleeding. Tell your vet about the garlic supplement before any form of treatment or sugery.
  • Pumpkin Seeds. This was proven to be effective against hookworms and tapeworms. If your pet is fond of hunting mice around the house, then you may want to use it as an effective preventive measure. The recommended dose is 1 tsp of ground seed per 10 pounds of body weight. You can grind it using a grinder and store it in a jar and keep it in the refrigerator. Mix it daily with your pet’s food.
  • Carrot. Finely grate carrots and add it to his daily diet. Give him up to 3 Tbsps. (depending on his size) daily. The carrots would keep his digestive system clean and reduce the risk of worm infestations.
  • Black Walnut. This is a common anti-parasitic used for treating tapeworms in dogs and cats alike. The recommended dose would be 1 capsule of the ground herb per 20 lbs of body weight. Using black walnut should be under an expert supervision. Do not exceed on the recommended dosage since it could be harmful in large doses.
  • Papaya. This fruit has been proven to be effective in eliminating roundworms. As a supplement, mature green papaya fruit is an amazing source for digestive enzymes. If you don’t have any access to this fresh fruit, then you may get its powder form from the health stores.

For keeping pets healthy the natural way, we recommend you go learn the natural dewormer for dogs. This could not only boost and aid your pet’s immune system, it could also be a great source of nutrients for them aside from eliminating those parasites. The holistic way of caring would enable you to treat your pet at home without the use of drugs using safe, no side effects and tested healing methods for your beloved pets.

Know more natural herbs and fruits which are also proven to be natural dewormer for pets? If so, then please do enlighten us and share your knowledge below.




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