Pampered Pup – How to Pamper your Pekingese


Yes, on a more personal level, I pamper my dog. Do you? For me, a pampered pup is a happier pooch. How do I do it, you ask? Well, for starters I give them quality and healthy treats more than they should consume. I allow them to sleep in my bed even at times when they shouldn’t. I get lazy at times and would let them lead me when we are on a walk. And I even bought them various costumes to dress them up for events. Let us all admit it dog lovers, we are a softie when dealing with our four-legged companion.

Pampered Pup - How to Pamper your Pekingese

Pampered Pup – How to Pamper your Pekingese


It is not weird if you shower your most precious ones with services, gifts and other niceties. However, nowadays, our catering and caring methods would extend even to our furry pets at home. In the past decade, more and more people tend to save money, time and effort in order to pamper their pets once in a while. It would range from branded apparels down to luxurious beds, fancy toys to gourmet meals to name a few.

As what American Pet Products Association said, and I quote: ‘The total US pet industry expenditures by the year 2012 is estimated to be $52.87 million’ Wow! But then again, we don’t mind the expenses since we see our pets as part of our family and they deserve to be loved as well. And as what studies have shown, pets play a vital role during a person’s hardest trial in life. One can find love and sympathy during the tough times in life.

Pampered Pup

Ways to Pamper your Pet

  • A Big Bed. Yes, give him a bed fit for a king if you have the moola to burn. It would be a wonderful gift from you to him for his loyalty.
  • Massage. I know that you give him a massage once in a while but if you can, bring him to the nearest pet massage center for an hour session. He would love it since everybody loves a wonderful massage.
  • Photography Session. As you might have noticed, photography has become a trend these days. So, why not try to take a wonderful pics of your pet and put it up on a wonderful frame. It is quite challenging to take pictures of them but believe me when I say that the fun experience is priceless.
  • Set a Doggy Spa. Setting up a customized doggy spa for him would be greatly appreciated. Simply put blankets on the ground then set several combs on the nearest table. Give him the royal treatment from head to toe. Toothbrush, shampoo & conditioner, massage and blow dry him. Just be reminded not to use nail polish on dogs since it is hazardous for their health.
  • Dressing him up. Go find a cheap but cute doggy shirt on the shop and put it on your dog after you have given him a bath. Then to spice things up, add a bow or barrette to complete the look.
  • Doggy Resort. A pet hotel is an amazing place to unwind together with your pet. Imagine yourself taking a sip of tea, juice or coffee while you watch your pet takes a dip on the indoor swimming pool. Or you can lounge around the vicinity and indulging your pet on other services offered at the resort.
  • Perm Him. If you want to go the extra mile, then a simple towel-dry just won’t cut it. Bring him to the pet salon to give him that special treatment.
  • Q.T. (Quality Time). Dogs are pack animals so it is natural that they yearn for companionship. Pamper him on a daily basis by giving him special bonding session time, without actually running across the yard outside. A scratch on his neck or back of his ears or a prolonged belly rub would go a long mile since it would truly deepen the bond that you two have. And from his point of view, this time would mean that he is really being cared for and that he is safe.

Imagine what your pekingese would say if he is one pampered pup. According to the dictionary, pamper would mean to indulge in care or kindness. However, our pets would probably go for the archaic meaning which is to cram with rich food. As lovely as it sounds, excessive amounts of rich foods would pose a great health risk for your dogs. After all, there are lots of ways to indulge your pet with care and kindness. Don’t you agree?

How do you pamper your pekingese? Walks, salon, homemade treats? Whatever it is, we would be glad to listen to your story. Simply enter it on the space provided below.



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  1. Maria Mudafort says:

    My pampered pekingese is the inspiration for my business: Pampered Pets VIP. He LOVES being pampered by his family and friends. I hope that you visit our website and see his photo gallery.

    Thank you!
    Maria & Tonito (Spokespooch & Pampered Pet)

  2. I spoil my baby everyday. She wakes me up I rub her belly message her scratch her then let her run my day.

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