Pekingese Dog Grooming: Proper Brushing Techniques


Pekingese dog grooming might seem like just washing and brushing a dog, but in reality, their coats are easily damaged if not treated properly. With the right techniques, you can have the most beautiful Pekingese around and with the wrong ones, you can damage your dogs beautiful coat for months. Don’t let this happen to your baby. Here are the proper techniques to brushing a Pekingese:

Pekingese dog grooming

To properly brush your Pekingese’s coat, you will need the following items:
1. Soft bristled brush
2. Fine tooth comb
3. Coat dressing – you can find this both online or at any large pet store, and you can usually find these specifically for a Pekingese
4. Baby powder (or corn starch powder)

Brushing Your Pekingese
The main thing that you want to remember when brushing a Pekingese’s coat is that you never brush a dry coat. This can cause damage that will make the hair break and can take months to grow back properly.

Start by laying your Pekingese on it’s back and lightly misting their chest with the coat dressing. You want to work with your brush from the top of the chest and brush toward the head. Only work with one small area at a time when you’re brushing your Pekingese’s coat so you don’t cause any damage. Remember to mist the coat if is gets too dry while you’re brushing.

Pekingese dog grooming

Pekingese dog grooming

When you finish with the chest area, work down the legs with the same technique, misting and lightly brushing. Make sure that you do not leave any knots or tangles, as they can pull more hair into the area and cause mats to form. Mats can actually cause your dog to lose larger areas of hair, and can damage the hair around the area as well. When you are done with the chest and front legs, go to the rear and do the rear skirts and the top of the legs just as you did the front of the dog.

As you go, if you notice that your Pekingese’s coat is a little dirty, you can sprinkle in a little baby powder to help soak up and remove dirt. It will also add body to your dog’s fur. This trick can also help you keep your Pekingese’s coat looking beautiful, clean, and full as well as smelling great.

Once you are finished with the undercoat, you can move on to the sides. Lay your Pekingese on it’s side and start from the neck. You will work your way from the shoulder up to the neck, always brushing toward the head, making sure that you brush completely. After you are done with this area, you will move down to the ribs and then to the rear, from this point, you brush toward the tail. When finished, turn your dog onto it’s other side and repeat this process.

While it might take a long time to brush your Pekingese’s coat, when you are finished, your dog will look gorgeous. Pekingese dog grooming can be a chore if you are just learning, but after a bit of practice, you will quickly become a pro at brushing your dog.

Have questions or comments or tips to help other Pekingese owners when brushing their dog’s coats? Make sure that you post them below!



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