Pekingese Themed Gifts


Let’s face it, the holidays are hard and finding unique gifts that grace your life can be totally stressful.  Are you already stressing about buying that perfect gift for the perfect woman in your life? Wondering what to buy your mom, sister, girlfriend, or wife for the holidays to show that you care about them, yet not be the same old thing they always get? How about a wonderful unique gift that revolves around their favorite pooch, the Pekingese? There are thousands of great gifts that you can grab for the Pekingese lover in your life and here are some excellent choices:

Pekingese Themed Gifts

Pekingese Gift Baskets

Pekingese Themed Gifts

Everyone loves a cool gift basket and Pekingese gift baskets are the perfect unique gifts for women. You can find all sorts of wonderful gift baskets that revolve around her favorite dog, from coffee gift baskets to snacks, bath soaps to candles. Plus, these Pekingese-themed gift baskets offer everything all packaged up in one for your loved ones.

Pekingese Ornaments
With the help of the Internet, finding Pekingese-themed holiday decorations are much easier. There are tons of beautiful little ornaments that offer cute likenesses of our favorite pooch, the Pekingese, and you can easily find one that looks pretty close to the one you own. Or you can spend a little more and get a custom ornament made up for the woman in your life.

Pekingese Jewelry
Want to still get her some jewelry? No problem, there are plenty of cute Pekingese-themed earrings, buttons, and pins out there. But if you want to go for something really special, you can always check out and look at their customizable Pekingese dog watches that will allow you to put in her dog’s name.

Pekingese Mugs and Cups
Many web sites out there also offer beautiful Pekingese-themed mugs and cups that will allow her to show off her favorite pup no matter where she is. You can easily find normal coffee mugs, insulated stainless steel models, and other travel mugs, all with a Pekingese on them. Some will even allow you to customize the outside of the mug with her dog’s name or her name for a truly personal gift.

Pekingese Desk Supplies
For the Pekingese lover who is constantly working, you can also find customizable desk supplies to keep her favorite furry kiddo on her mind. From mouse pads to note pads, pens to calendars, there are tons of great items that you can easily have customized for the woman in your life.

Pekingese Cell Phone Cases
Along with Amazon, you can easily find some great dog-themed gift sites that offer up Pekingese cell phone covers and cases that hold the picture of your favorite pooch. With all of the options out there, you can easily find one that looks just like the one that has stolen her heart.

Pekingese Clothing
From t-shirts to sweatpants, hoodies to underwear, there are all different kinds of cute Pekingese-themed clothing options that you can special order for the holidays. If you can’t find one that offers you a custom picture placement or that looks close enough to your dog, you can always create your own at places like

Really no matter what you choose, if you are picking out a Pekingese themed gift for the dog lover in your life, it’s sure to show that you care about what’s close to them. By offering a well thought out, wonderfully warm gift, you also show that you listen and you aren’t just getting them the same old gift that you get year after year. Unique gifts for women aren’t that hard to find, you simply need to know where to look.

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  1. Suzanne K. Pritchett says:

    Im looking for a Pekingese calendar. Not finding one this year, does anyone have a suggestion? This is the first year I haven’t had one in over 25 years. Help. I have 13 Pekes now one is 16 and the youngest is 5. Love them so much. Have had a Peke for the past 45 years. So happy to find this wonderful site. Thank you all so very much for sharing. Suzanne

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