Pekingese Trick #6: How to Train a Dog to Retrieve


How to train a dog to retrieve or fetch is not that hard to do. Playing fetch with your pekingese can be a fun way to burn all his pent up energy and bond as well. Know that most dogs don’t really like to play fetch. Why? Simply because they think that if they bring you the ball back, then it’s already game over and that isn’t fun. They key here is to show him how fun the game would be if he brings the toy back again and again.

Pekingese Trick #6: How to Train a Dog to Retrieve

How to Train a Dog to Retrieve

  • Line up several toys and treats.
  • If your dog is too treat focused and won’t leave your side if there’s a treat on the scene, leave food rewards out of the picture. In this case your overwhelming enthusiasm will be your dog’s reward.
  • Gently toss a toy a few feet away from you and point to it.
  • As your dog brings the toy back to you, shower her with praise but don’t take the toy away.
  • If your dog ignores you when she gets the toy, try running away from her after she’s picked it up. If she still won’t bring it back, pretend to eat some of her treat.
  • As your dog catches on and trots happily back to you, say “Bring.”
  • When your dog arrives, toy in mouth, praise and pet her heartily (give her a treat if you like), leaving the object in her mouth.
  • Toss a different toy and go through the procedure again.

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Training Dog to Retrieve

  1. Make sure your dog is comfortable playing with you. Though most dogs wants to please, training is more receptive if it’s more like fun and games for the dog.
  2. Give him a ball that fits just enough in his mouth. Let your dog play with it and ask him to give it to you. Reward him when he is able to give it back to you.
  3. Allow him to play with the ball for a while then ask it from him again. Note that he may not give it to you the first or second time. Just try again and again. Once he does, give him a small reward. He would then realize that there is something in store for him if he gives it back to you.
  4. Now, practice in giving him the ball and asking for it back. Once he masters this trick, insert the command ‘retrieve’ or ‘fetch.’ Choose one command and stick to it in order to be consistent. Never fail to reward him once he brings the ball back to you.
  5. Try throwing the ball further and further each day. Keep rewarding him for a job well done.

In how to train a dog to retrieve, the secret here is patience and consistency. Every breed may not have that instinctive drive to retrieve however once they realize that it is fun and they get to have a treat after doing it, then they would be more than willing to follow your command. For a small breed like the pekingese, this is a wonderful way to bond and tire him out; after all, a tired dog is a behave dog.

Does your pekingese know how to play fetch? How did you teach him to do that? If not, what are the games that you share with him? Share your story with us below.




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