Perfect Pekingese Dog Toys For The Holidays


Looking for the perfect Pekingese dog toys for the holidays? There are thousands of great toys out there, but you want to choose ones that are safe for your dog too. Here are some great tips to follow when it comes to choosing the right dog toys for your baby:

 perfect Pekingese dog toys for the holiday

Homemade Toys

perfect Pekingese dog toys for the holidays

perfect Pekingese dog toys for the holidays

There are many items that you can easily make at home that are completely safe for your Pekingese to play with. And, you can usually take old clothing, blankets, and other soft materials that you have lying around and recycle them into dog toys that they will love. Old socks are excellent dog toys and can easily be stuffed with different things that are non-toxic to your Pekingese. There are plenty of great ideas floating around online as well as videos that show you how to make these dogs toys with very little out of pocket money.


Edible Toys

There are also a massive amount of great chew toys that your dog can actually eat and you won’t have to worry about it. These are usually found at pet stores or online through pet outlets and can not only provide hours of fun for your Peke, but they can also provide them with a fun treat that they will enjoy working for. During the holidays, you’ll always find fun shapes, flavors, and holiday themed chewy edible toys that your Pekingese will love.


Chew Toys

While balls are by far the most popular chew toy out there for a dog, there are plenty of other great ones that you can pick up as well. Most Pekingese love to have several different types of toys to play with, from balls to stuffed animals to tug of war toys and so on. The wider the variety of dog toys that they have, the less chance they are to get bored if you aren’t home.


Healthy Toys

There are plenty of chew toys out there that also help your dog with a problem – usually bad breath or brushing their teeth. Some of these offer specialized materials that they are made of, unusual shapes or designs, or some other way that can help clean your dog’s teeth or freshen that horrible breath while they are playing. Most vets have a few of these that they recommend to any dog owner, and they can easily tell you a few that they prefer for your Pekingese.


No matter what type of toy you pick out for your Pekingese, you want to make sure that you keep clear of toys that have small parts that can come off. These small parts can easily be chewed off and your Pekingese can swallow them, causing problems like choking or stomach issues. Simply pull on the toy before you buy it, pulling on every area of the toy, from the large areas down to the smallest parts. If you feel that the toy might come apart in any area, then these are not the perfect Pekingese dog toys for the holidays.


Do you have a favorite Peke toy for the holidays that you’d like to share with everyone here on the site? Make sure that you list it below so everyone else can enjoy these as well.



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