Puppy Shower: Throwing a Festive Celeb for your Pekingese


A puppy shower is a famous method in welcoming the newest member of the pack, and unlike the baby shower, the celebrant would get to join all the fun.

As extravagant as it may seem, a puppy shower has its benefits too like helping you jump start your pup’s social skills by introducing him to a lot of other dogs and humans at the same time. Just remember that a pup easily gets overwhelmed, at during this age his scare would end up into a deep-seated fear. As the pet parent, you should make his experience festive but not too loud that would scare the daylight’s out of him.

Hosting a puppy shower is almost the same as organizing a baby shower — lots of pastel-colored decors and fun games. And as for giveaways you can consider gift certificates for poop bags, car restraints, doggy costumes, dog sitters, or anything along this line. A practical item would be highly beneficial here.

As for rules, there aren’t any when we are talking about puppy showers. Freedom is very abundant here. A puppy shower is also ideal in welcoming an adopted adult dog into your home. You don’t have to worry about crossing any petiquette boundaries if you are throwing your own puppy shower.

Puppy Shower

Puppy Shower: Throwing a Festive Celeb for your Pekingese

How to Organize a Puppy Shower

  1. Schedule. It can either be before or after the litter is born or the adopted dog arrives. There are really no rules about this one. Most people would really want to meet the newest member of the family, just remember that a new puppy can become so nervous with all the excitement going on.
  2. Guests. If you plan to invite both the pet and parent, be sure that they are a good sport and that your place is wide enough to accommodate all.
  3. Invites. After you have planned that exact place and date, then give out the invitations to the guests.
  4. Decors. Decorations can be as simple or extravagant as you want them to be. You can go as simple as a pawprinted balloons and hats to the themed party that you would want your pooch to have. Another cool tip is that you would place a fire hydrant shape or doggy bone shaped toy box as a centerpiece so that guests can put their gifts for your puppy there.
  5. Games. A party is not a party without the fun games, right? Use your imagination and tailor a game fit for you, your pet and the guests.
  6. Treats. Hosting a party such a this one would also entail food for both pet and pet parents. Be sure to serve dry treats for the dogs to prevent any mess. Kibbles and home-made treats would an awesome, healthy choice.

Additional Tips

  • Try to do the party in your own backyard. Otherwise, try to contact your local park owner and ask if you can rent out the place for several hours for the party. Inform them that they too are invited to the event.
  • During the event, try to provide simple grooming tools such as brushes and combs to the guests. Most dog lovers would love to brush every dog they would encounter.
  • Do not forget the water bowls. Put several big water bowls for everyone so that the invited dogs won’t get dehydrated.
  • Avoid inviting dogs that are in heat. If you decide to invite one, ask the parent to put panties or diaper on her while at the party.
  • Document the event. Take as much pictures as you like as a remembrance of your beloved dog’s shower party. This will bring a lot of joy while looking at it in the future.

Always remember that the reason for this puppy shower of yours is not only focused on the puppy’s arrival bit also to celebrate the new pet parents too. This won’t mean that you would lavish them with gifts and provide financial assistance  but you will give them a fun-time for several hours to celebrate the arrival of their dog and them being pet parents.

Have you ever done a puppy shower? How was it? Do not hesitate to tell us about it. And share this page to your friends too, especially the ones who are planning to conduct one.




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