Submissive Peeing in Dogs: Stop this Nasty Pekingese Habit


Submissive Peeing in Dogs: Stop this Nasty Pekingese Habit

If your beloved pet pees when he gets excited then you are not alone. Submissive peeing in dogs occur when your pet takes on a submissive pose and urinates when you approach him or when you greet him. Though this can be witnessed in dogs of any age, this is most common in young female pooches. Most dogs would outgrow this habit perhaps because they would become less excitable during encounters or even develop greater urinary control as they become adults.

Take on an assertive or bold approach by standing over your dog, patting him or reprimanding him verbally would make the issue worse. This could elicit as a response of fear, particularly if the dog has been punished in similar situations in the past.

Submissive Peeing in Dogs

Submissive dogs pee when they are greeted, when someone approaches, when they are punished, and when there is a history of rough treatment or punishment after peeing; this is common in rescued dogs. This is also a common reaction with shy, anxious, and timid dogs. To fix this problem, avoid scolding or yelling at your dog after it has peed. Instead, try building its confidence by teaching it simple commands (sit, stay, come), and reward your dog after each success. The same applies with teaching simple tricks (roll over, fetch); go with the reward and praise route.

You will also want to approach your dog in non-dominant postures. Avoid direct eye contact, approach from the side, and crouch down to your dog’s level. When patting your pooch, go for under the chin rather than the top of the head. Keep all greetings low key, and when the dog does pee, simply clean it up without fuss and go away. Do not forget to reward and praise your pup when it pees in the appropriate place.

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Preventing Excitement Urination

  • Ignore him. Ignore him completely until he has calmed down. If every time you arrive home he would pee due to excitement, then ignore him each time you enter the house. Do not look, speak nor pet him until he has completely calmed down. This may take around 20 minutes or more.
  • Acknowledge when calm. After he has calmed down and he would not mind you any more, speak gently to him or silently pat him in the head or give him a hug. If you plan to bring visitors at home, tell them to do the same. By ignoring him would make him feel that he is rejected and that he would realize he must change his way of greeting you if he wants to be acknowledged sooner.
  • Be consistent. This is crucial as a pet parent. This may take from weeks to months. Eventually, your pet would think of your arrival or any other person’s arrival as a boring event and wouldn’t get too excited about it anymore. After all, he would still be petted even if he is calm.
  • Clean the mess. When he accidentally pees, quickly and silently clean up his mes because your dog is actually not aware that he is already peeing due to his excitement. That is why punishment is not encouraged here since it would only confuse him.

Submissive peeing in dogs is their sign of being submissive towards you so do not take it against them. If you think that your problem will be solved if you take him out to relieve himself, you are wrong. Dogs have a well-supplied reserve of urine in their systems for territorial marking purposes. Take the time to properly correct his attitude so that he would be able to know why he has to change that nasty habit.

Have you experienced this situation? How did you handle it? Did your pet outgrow his bad habit? Please don’t hesitate to share your stories with us below.




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  1. I never had a Peke that did that, but my previous dogs, who were Eskies, did that, both female and I walked from the front door straight into the back yard with them where we could say our hellos and eventually, they stopped.

    • Coralie Reinhart – I love your pics of the dogs! Do you ever go down to the Beagle rings? I am so missing our girl Binky, She is Al-Cor’s Sweet Song of Great Oaks, this is her first wekneed with a Handler, and AI am hoping the weather is good, the dogs are good and everyone has a good time. I just wish I were there too.

  2. haha… i can imagine it right now.. good thing that they eventually stopped this not-so-good habit… 🙂

    • – We would love to get into this program we are loacetd in New River, are active in PACC911, and are supporting 43 horses and burros as well as other rescued farm animals.

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