Do Dogs See Ghosts? Maybe your Pekingese is Trying to Warn You


Do Dogs See Ghosts? Maybe your Pekingese is Trying to Warn You

Do dogs see ghosts? What do you think? A dog that is howling on a rainy, full moon night is a common horror scene in movies. When you are alone and your pekingese would stare at nothing then whines, barks and cowers for no apparent reason would definitely cause your goosebumps to rise. Dogs are generally believed to have the innate ability to see the paranormal. A lot of dog owners have their own stories when it comes to paranormal encounters and their dogs. Though it may be hard to believe especially if you yourself is unable to see it, but most people believe that your dog can see the unseen.

What is a ghost? Well, it is a semi-transparent person according to the ones who claimed to have seen one. Experts would say that they are spirit energies of the dead who died tragically. Most of them are unaware that they are already dead and tend to continue living. It is known that people who have their 3rd eye open (sixth sense) can see, hear, feel and smell their presence.

Dogs, your pekingese included are noted for their heightened senses. They have senses that are far more advanced compared to ours. Their smell, sense, hearing and touch are fully developed. Dogs and other creatures are credited to have innate 6th sense as well.

Do Dogs See Ghosts

Animals are truly One with Nature. They know how to hunt and take care of themselves. When we domesticate them, they do not lose the ability to sense and read energy around them. Since people often do not sense these things our animal friends try to warn us of dangers and changes in the energy patterns around us. Animals can see and sense spirit more easily because they dont have what we call mind clutter to over shadow their senses.

They rely very heavily on using all their senses.
They also have no human doubt which is one of the main reasons they can see them.

Source: Paranormal Events, by Ghosthunting

Dog’s Cognition

Studies show that dogs have an extraordinary cognition. Experts say they are the dominant players when it comes to animal cognition. Results shown that dogs have the psychological abilities that’s similar with us, humans. Scientists believe that due to their extraordinary level of cognition they have the ability to sense ghosts.

Dog’s Perception

Dogs have extrasensory perception and since ghosts emit a certain smell, then no doubt your dog could easily detect when one shows up. Experts truly believe that dogs can generally see the unseen due to their advanced senses.

Behavioral Evidence

There are lots of dog owners out there that has paranormal experiences with their dogs. Even known writers acknowledged it and would admit that it is not impossible. He himself exprienced something with his Yorkie inside their house. Things that convinced him that his four-legged companion is trying to protect and warn him about something unseen.

I truly hope that this post somehow helped you about do dogs see ghosts. You may be a skeptic or a believer but one could never tell what your pekingese can really see since they cannot talk. However you cannot also deny the scientific facts that points out about their innate ability to see the paranormal creatures. Either way, you can always heed the warning of your dog; he may be trying to warn you about something bad that is going to happen. Nothing will be lost if you follow on your dog’s instincts now, right?

Do you have an experience on your own to share with us? Feel free to tell us about your experience.



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