Do Dogs Dream? Observe your Pekingese while Sleeping


So, do dogs dream really? Majority of the population truly believes that dogs do dream. Most owners noticed several activities while their beloved companion is asleep, some may quiver, twitch their legs or even snap and growl at some dream villain, letting us believe that they are truly dreaming about something. At a more structural level, you pekingese’s brain is actually similar to ours. And when they sleep their brain wave patters are just like ours that go through similar stages of activity observed in humans.

And if dogs really don’t dream that would be a big surprise since studies show that creatures of less intelligence than dogs appear to have dreams. Experts from MIT (Massachusetts Intitute of Technology) hold evidence that rats are dreaming. Much of our dreams are somehow related with our day’s activity. And that seems to be the same case with the rats thus that is also expected in dogs and other creatures of higher intelligence.

And since a your pekingese’s brain is more complex than of the rat’s and it has the same electrical activity then it is just right to conclude that dogs dream as well. All this is not just an assumption though, experts also have evidence to prove that dogs do dream. In a dog’s dream thy begin to execute the actions that they did for the day. They may even dream about catching a bird, running in the fields or fighting a bandit.

As the owner, it is quite rather easy to guess what your dog is dreaming about. Just watch over him while he sleeps and once he is in deep sleep (about 20 minutes after closing his eyes) then his dream would begin. You may now see muscle twitching and his eyes moving behind his closed lids. Just take the time to observe him and you will actually have fun looking at him while dreaming.

Do Dogs Dream? Observe your Pekingese while Sleeping

Do Dogs Dream

It is not uncommon to hear a dog whining and squeaking while they are sound asleep. Often their adorable vocal sounds are accompanied by paw twitching and tail flicking. It can be amusing to watch and often people are convinced they are dreaming.

Is it true? Do dogs dream? Of course, no one will ever be completely certain as to what goes inside our canine friends’ minds, but it certainly looks as though they are dreaming.

Dreams are part of REM sleep. We know that when humans enter REM sleep they are most likely to fall into a dream state. Dogs of course experience REM sleep as well, and this is where the sleep barking and tail twitching takes place.

Source: Professor’s House,

What Do Dogs Dream About?

Since no dog can talk and tell their dream experience towards their owners, we can only take a guess. And experts believe that dogs have the same dreams as humans, simply replaying the day’s events such as eating, playing, chasing, etc…

Not all Dogs Equally Dream

Studies show that small dog breeds dream more compared to the larger breeds. Your pekingese may dream once every 10 minutes while a bigger dog like a labrador retiever only dream once in every 90 minutes. Also, puppies seems to dream more frequently compared to the adults. THis may be due to their processing of massive amounts of new experiences acquired every day.

Did that answer your question on do dogs dream? And if you see your dog dreaming and whining feeling like he is having a nightmare, try to resist not to wake him up. Like us, humans, dogs need uninterrupted sleep to promote a healthy mental activity.

Have you seen your pekingese dreaming? What was he doing while dreaming? Share your story with us in the comment box below.



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