Dog Day Care Center – A Temporary Fun Place for your Pekingese


Dog Day Care Center – A Temporary Fun Place for your Pekingese

A dog day care center is your ally especially if you are alone and you have work to tend to. They exist to provide a fun, safe and clean environment for your beloved pekingese (any dog). They would take good care of your dog while you are away like you would on your own. In a place such as this, your dog is expected to have an entire day fun-filled with activities, attention and exercise from the staff members. They also encourage lots of socialization thus it would alleviate any negative trait your dog has at home due to his lack of exercise and boredom. Dogs here are monitored closely and are taught good manners and behaviors using postive reinforcement.

Usually, a doggy day care center promotes friendship and freedom for all kinds of dogs. Most of them also offer acres of fenced play pen for them to bask and play in. Here, your dog can simply laze around sleeping in the furniture, bite all the toys available, take a bath in the designated areas, or simply run wild in the play pen. Whatever his activity is, he can find lots of playmates here thus no more boredom for him while waiting for you to get back from work.

True, it may be of an additional expense but it sure is worth it granting that you don’t have enough time to train the dog yourself. They can be of big help in handling your oh-so-stubborn and independent pekingese.

Dog Day Care Center

We provide a well organized and lovingly supervised cage- free environment to ensure that friendly dogs socialize, interact, and get adequate exercise throughout the day.

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How to Find the Perfect Doggy Day Care

  • Ask your Vet. Inquire from your vet for day care recommendations. Being a local vet entails him to know their clients as well as their preferences and experiences, bad or good. And it means they may have an idea which doggy day care is better than the others.
  • Ask questions at the facility. Call them up and inquire their rates and operations. Know what activities they offer if you would hook up with them. And in the grounds, inquire if they would separate the small breeds from the large breeds. Know if they have a staff would keep watch over the dogs at all times. You can also inquire if their staff members are professional dog trainers or advocates.
  • Know their Philosophy. Their mission, vision and general training philosophy are important. Find out if discipline and structure are concepts that would be implemented during the entire day. Sure, you want your pekingese to have fun but it also essential for them to learn proper social skills.
  • Have a tour. Drop by the day care center unexpectedly and ask for a tour. If they are somehow reluctant to comply with it or if you are denied, then this is a major red flag! Don’t pursue with them. Any center that is run properly would be enthusiastic to give a tour to any potential client.
  • What to look for in the center. Go for cleanliness, shade and water in the facility. Also look out for the guardians present in the contained field when the dogs are playing. A number of staff members should be present when 2 or more dogs are out playing.
  • Interview the staff. Do not hesitate to interview the staff members when you are there. Ask them of their emergency protocol in case your pekingese would become ill or injured while in their care.

Bottom line, you should be confident in the dog day care center that you would be choosing for your beloved pet. A good center can truly be beneficial for you and your pekingese. He will have the chance to socialize with other dogs and learn very valuable social skills. Your dog spending a day where he is stimulated both physically and mentally can keep him well-balanced thus resolving bad behaviors at home.

Any recommendations about any doggy day care center? You could always give your opinion to us as it is valuable information. Please leave a message below.




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