Dogs Detecting Cancer in Humans – Better Listen to your Pekingese


Cancer research institute may have a new ally in finding out tumors and it doesn’t involve much money nor machine. Research shows that dogs are able to detect cancer just by catching a sniff of a patient’s breath. They proved once again that they are not like any other ‘man’s bestfriend’ since they can diagnose if you already have cancer. Dogs detecting cancer in humans is a groundbreaking result in research facilities.

A dog’s smelling power is such an amazing and useful tool. It has been said that if there is a pot of stew in the stove, us humans can smell the stew itself but your dog can smell the carrots, potatoes, beef, spices and everything inside it. Your pekingese’s keen sense of smell is able to tell what you had eaten for lunch. They are able to tell where the drugs are stashed, bombs were hidden, and able to find a lost individual. So, it is not impossible that thet can detect the cancer cells in a human body.

Studies shows that cancer cells have that distinct odor which came from the chemical compounds that are formed during the disease process. And these compounds circulate throughout the entire body of the patient, leaving the lungs in a gaseous state. And people who has cancer has a different ‘breath scent’ which your pekingese can detect. So, the next time that your Pekingese is acting strange and seems like he won’t leave you alone, better consider in getting a check up.

Dogs Detecting Cancer in Humans – Better Listen to your Pekingese

Dogs Detecting Cancer in Humans

There’s another reason why dogs can be considered man’s best friend. They can detect cancer. This is according to a report in the European Respiratory Journal. Sniffing 100 samples, the report explains, dogs succeeded in detecting cancer in all but 29 cases merely by sniffing the patient’s breath. In 400 other samples, the dogs gave just 28 false positives.

Source: Catholic, by Catholic Online

The Chemicals in Cancer

It is a fact that cancer cells produce metabolic wastes that vary from the normal cells. And wastes such as benzene derivatives and alkanes are emitted in the human breath which any dog can detect in parts per trillion.

Dog’s Sense of Smell

Your pekingese’s (or any dog’s for this matter) is 10,000 to 100,000 times way better than ours, according to studies. It is still hazy about this phenomenon but a dog’s brain is dedicated to smell than the human brain.

Technology Vs a Dog’s Nose

An expert once told that a dog’s brain along with is nose is the most sophisticated odor detector that exists on this planet. This gives hope in diagnosing a person in a fast and non-invasive way.

Dogs detecting cancer in humans is definitely a great help in the science world. Dogs can be trained to smell out cancer in the medical industry. And with its early detection comes increased survival rates among patients. And since dogs can detect it in a fast manner even if it is still on its early stages, experts firmly believe that dogs can be instrumental in treating patients.

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