Why Do Dogs Lick Humans? Is your Pekingese Kissing You?


Why Do Dogs Lick Humans? Is your Pekingese Kissing You?

Have you ever wondered why do dogs lick humans? The moment where you are simply chilling in front of the TV and your pekingese would wander about and suddenly plops at your feet and then start licking you. And the licking would continue until he is satisfied or when the area is already spotless clean.

What makes him lick you really? Moajority of the dogs are so into licking and you know that there has to be a valid reason behind him doing it.

Others would say that a dog’s lick is a form of canine kiss to prove that he loves or likes you. It is their way of showing that they really do care about you. While this is the reason behind by most people, science says that this is not the reason why they are doing it.

One theory is that they are taught by their mothers since birth about licking. Their mothers would lick them endlessly the moment they are born in order to stimulate breathing and to clean them up. Licking is very essential for a puppy to survive. The licking is a natural instinct that they get from their mom.

Licking is also a form of submissive gesture. If you to the wild, you would see subordinate dogs licking the dominant ones. This would promote harmony about the pack. Thus when your pekingese is licking you, it is him showing that you are the one dominat and in charge.

One more reason on why your dog would lick you is to get more information from you. Your dog would use his scent reeceptors to process the data that he gets from you. If you are sweating, you are actually sending a message to your dog unknowingly. This is the main reason on why your dog seems to love to lick your feet since your feet has plenty sweat glands and dogs love the taste of salt.

Sebaceous glands that are located near your hair follicles release sebum. The combination of sebum and sweat gives a lot of information on what is going on with you for your dog. It would tell him if you are happy, afraid or stressed.

There are also cases when your dog would go to the extent that he would lick you all over your face especially when other people are around. This is is way of showing you that you are more important to them compared to the stranger.

Why Do Dogs Lick Humans

It’s something normal, dogs licking people. Some people love it or hate the idea of dogs licking them. What’s the real reason dogs love to lick people? After reading some articles on the subject, there are many reasons dogs lick, which is mainly to show and/or demonstrate emotion or to communicate.

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Theories on Why Dogs Lick Humans

  • In the wild puppies would lick the lips of their mothers as she returns to the den so that she would regurgitate food for them. They would make a fuss of her and that is her stimulus to vomit the food. It could be your pekignese would regard you as his mother thus making a fuss when she sees you for the first time each day.
  • They would lick you as a signal for deference. Naturally, dogs are pack animals so they would lick you as a sign of submission in order to maintain harmony.
  • He licks you because of the salt that is present in your body.
  • It could be that he is simply seeking for your attention.

With this post, I hope that I have cleared that issue on why do dogs lick humans. Others find it annoying while others love when their dogs do that.  It is up to you on how you deal with it; if you averse him doing it, then reprimand him in doing so.  Personally, I love my dogs licking me since it gives me great sense of security and relieves my stress away by the end of the day.

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