Can Dogs Predict Weather? Ask your Pekingese About It


Can dogs predict weather? What do you think? It may sound like a headline from a tabloid but science can support this claim – which is actually not new to most dog owners. I bet, lots of us have already exprienced our dogs (pekingese or not) going bezerk before a thunder claps or they lie down on us just as we are about to go out and then rain pours down out of nowhere.

There are lots of claims already of family dogs behaving strangely just to alert his family that a tornado is coming. The connection between weather changes and our dogs knowing it, is something many of us have experienced already and it is so nice to also see that our 4-legged companion is doing his best to warn us of the imminent danger.

People would say that our dogs have “sixth sense”. Do you think your pekingese have 6th sense? Actually, it is more of a simple science than that.

Your pekingese (or any dog for this matter) is more sensitive to the changes of barometric pressure as well as the shift in the static electric field that would occur during climate change. With severe weather conditions, like a sudden turn about a tornado brings or a hurricane, your pekingese will only not feel all the changes in the air pressure and electricity – but beyond warning their family about it, it is their instinct to seek for a safe shelter themselves.

Have you tried going out of your house, took a deep breath, and say to yourself: “Smells like rain?” If you yourself can smell that, your pekingese can too – a dog’s nose can detect concentrations of chemicals far more we can ever imagine. And when it comes to scent, the smell of the air prior a lightning strikes, I guarantee you that your dog will be able to smell it way before you do!

That thunder that seems so far away? He can hear that too. A dog’s hearing is 20x more sensitive than ours, so those rumbles and vibrations that we haven’t felt nor heard yet until its right under us are sounds that your pekingese have already heard for some time. That is why some breeds becomes all so jumpy and rattly when they hear those rumbles even if we couldn’t hear it ourselves.

Our pekingese’s senses are far more sensitive than ours, so it is not a wonder on why they can detect sudden weather changs. If only we could learn how to recognize and understand their behaviors related to the weather changes, we can learn from them on what will be able to find out what is beyond that horizon of ours.

Ultimately, it is up to you on what to do. Whether you just play with your dog or heed his oh-so-loud barking rather than the news channel on air.

Can Dogs Predict Weather? Ask your Pekingese About It

Can Dogs Predict Weather

Lassie could always sense when Timmy was in trouble. Black Beauty knew the bridge was out.

Two-thirds of American pet owners say their pets have a sixth sense about bad weather. Seventy-two percent of dog owners said they’ve gotten weather warnings from their pets, compared with 66 percent of cat owners.

“He’ll run around in circles and look at you. If you sit down, he’ll sit down with you. If you are outside, he will come up to you, run around, look off, sniff your leg, just kind of be there. He’s a lot more active,” said Fulstone, 65, of Wellington, Nev. “For the quakes, he was very alert and started barking and doing his run-around routine.”

Source: Tween Tribune,

Theories on How Dogs can Predict the Weather:

  1. Dogs are able to sense the sudden changes of static electric fields when a thunderstorm is coming.
  2. Dogs can feel all the small rumble that usually precedes before a storm hits – a vibration too small for humans to notice.
  3. Dogs are much more sensitive to acute changes in barometric pressure compared to us, humans. This sudden drop would be a precursor to a storm and that is why they associate a drop of the pressure to storms. They then begin to anticipate on what will happen next.
  4. Due to their keen sense of smell, they can detect the precipitation via their noses. They can even smell the ionization cause by the lightning.
  5. When there is thunder in the area, a dog can hear it sooner than the humans since their hearing is 20x more sensitive to higher and lower frequencies than ours.

Now, I throw back the question at you: Can dogs predict weather? Others are wary of this theory and would say that it is all bluff, suit yourself. Believe what you want to believe, scientists have spoken and many have experienced it already. It doesn’t mean that if you and your friends haven’t experienced it first hand it is already bogus, is it?

Does your pekingese try to warn you in any way about the sudden weather changes? Tell us more about your experience in the comments portion below!




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