How to Get Rid of Worms in Dogs: Is your Pekingese free from worms?


Ah, the joys of dog ownership: priceless! A furry, loving face to greet you as you get home, more cuddles that you can handle and you can go on walks on a nice day. Then there’s chewed items at home and the fact that your beloved pekingese would nibble just about anything that you leave laying around the house. You can always do your best to watch over them but the possibility of them getting infested in worms is still high. So, how to get rid of worms in dogs? Not that diffocult if you detect it early as it is dangerous for them to have worms in their systems.

There are telltale signs for you to determine if your beloved pekingese has worms already. You can always check his feces to see if there are worms present in them. You have to do this regularly so that you will know when he will be infected. Another sign is when he would vomit as he eats, or LBM plus very low energy levels. If you see these signs, then bring him immediately to your vet for treatment. Having worms in their system can ruin their coat, weight loss, anemia, and even appetite loss, so beware.

How to Get Rid of Worms in Dogs: Is your Pekingese free from worms?

How to Get Rid of Worms in Dogs

When you bring your puppy for an initial visit, a veterinarian will perform a stool analysis and if needed, provide a de-worming treatment. After an initial treatment, your vet may take more samples to see if an additional treatment is required.

For your part, follow these tips to keep your dog worm-free:

  • Don’t feed your dog raw meats or fish (some dogs do love fish!)
  • Keep your yard clean of dog feces (some dogs like to eat feces, which may contain worm eggs)
  • When you take him for a walk, watch what he is sniffing
  • Keep your dog’s crate and sleeping area clean

Source: Puppy Training Solutions,

Natural Remedies for Worms

  • Pumpkin Seeds – Crushed pumpkin seeds must be mixed with their meals in order to get rid of worms.
  • Garlic – This is something that is useful to both humans and animals. Most dogs get their worms from the fleas that is present in their body. So, you must get rid of the fleas first. Put in a dash of garlic in their meals because the scent of garlic in the dog would repel the fleas.
  • Keep them clean – Keep them clean by bathing, grooming, and put on anti-flea products so that worms won’t be able to penetrate your dog’s system. If he is free from fleas and ticks, then his chances of having worms in his system would be greatly reduced.
  • Medicinal Herbs – Herbs like aloe leaves, cayenne pepper and cloves, if given to your dogs 2x a week will totally expel all the worms inside his stomach.

Another option you have on how to get rid of worms in dogs is by giving them their de-worming shots while they are still puppies. They can get worms from their mother via breastfeed thus you should also be vigilant so that your dog won’t suffer from worms from an early age. Having a dog is such a wonderful feeling and it is very priceless to every owner but along with it comes great responsibility.

By any chance do you know more natural remedies on how to get rid of worms? Feel free in sharing with us your knowledge by leaving a message below as it would benefit us all here.



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