Fleas On Dogs: A Pekingese Problem


Fleas on dogs

Fleas on dogs

Fleas on dogs are every dog parents’ mutual problem, not just on Pekingese handlers alone. All breed types suffer this unhealthy phenomenon. These creepy, tiny crawlers and leapers are basically every handler’s issue. Size doesn’t matter here since they are very well capable of making your doggie’s life miserable. However, it is up to the owner on how to deal with them as soon as possible.

Before getting into how to control and prevent them, every handler must first understand why it is essential to control it. Because their bites are so itchy that your dog couldn’t stand it. Chances are they would scratch and scratch until their skin bleeds.

However, the real danger lies on what these pests infect your beloved pets with. They can cause lyme disease, allergy, rocky mountain spotter fever, worms and even ehrlichiosis. Worse case scenario? These diseases can be transmitted to us, humans! So basically, ticks and fleas is not just your pooch’s issue but the entire family’s as well.


Fleas on Dogs: A Pekingese Problem

Good news is, ticks and fleas are easy to control with so many available products but what a dog owner should do is be consistent in treating the dog. There are plenty of things a dog owner can use like anti-tick and flea shampoo and soap. It is also recommended that dogs should be applied spot-on treatment which lasts longer than shampoos and soaps. Whatever it is that you decide to use, make sure to follow the product’s instructions on application and frequency of use. Being consistent helps a lot in not only killing and repelling adult ticks and fleas but also making sure that their eggs would be exterminated as well. Just be sure to check out the product’s review so you will be sure that it is mild enough for your dogs. You are only killing the parasite and not your dog.

Source: Blogger Bark, http://www.itsbloggerbark.com by Koko Tamura

Tips in handling fleas at home:

  • Controlling them is just the first step. The next very important step is to disinfect your entire house. These creatures lay eggs all over the place and hide themselves until the whole family will be pestered already.
  • It is ideal to wash or disinfect carpets, rugs, or couch. These fleas and ticks hide in small holes and corners so with the aid of your disinfectants, clean the whole house thoroughly.
  • Bathe your dogs. Use anti-tick and flea soap together with anti-tick and flea powder.
  • Go get yourself a mosquito spray that has deet on it. I recommend you go for the strongest variant available. Spray it directly on your ankles, socks and bottom of your pants every day. This way, they will die when they try to come in contact with you.
  • Remove all of your pet beddings, clothes, and all other items on the floor. Wash it then dry cycle it for 30 minutes in hot. This process will kill both the fleas and their eggs on the said clothing materials.
  • Purchase a flea insecticide. One product I could recommend is Raid, it comes in a purple can. Spray it on after you vacuum every carpet and mopped every non-carpeted surface.
  • Spray Raid again. I suggest you go on all corners of the floor, couches, curtains, behind objects and anything that couldn’t be washed.
  •  After 12 hours of treating your pets, take them back inside. At this point, there would be little to none fleas left and if they pounce in your pet and bite, they will die as well.
  • Keep your pets indoors for 30 days. If your pet needs to go out, avoid long grasses, piles of fallen leaves, sandy/gravel areas. Try to walk your pet on the pavement.
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