Pekingese Tip: How do you get a puppy to stop biting?


Pekingese puppies, oh so adorable! However, puppies spend a great deal of their time playing, biting and chewing on things. So, how do you get a puppy to stop biting? That is one questions that pet owners ask. Usually, when puppies interact with humans they often bite, chew, nibble our fingers, limbs, clothes, etc… This may appear cute on a puppy who is like around 7 weeks old, but it is not that nice when he gets older!

As a pet owner, it is essential that you know hot to curn your pekingese’s mouthy behavior. There are actually different methods to teach him. Just keep in mind that your primary goal here is to train your pekingese to stop mouthing and biting humans at the same time. The first step here is for you to show him that people have very sensitive skin and that he has to be very careful when he uses his mouth around you and other people.

Teach your puppy about bite inhibition, it would be his guide to become much more gentler. When you say bite inhibition, it refers to your dog’s ability to control his mouthing force. If you don’t train your dog bite inhibition, he won’t know how sensitive a human’s skin is thus he would bite hard even during at play.

Your puppy will first learn about bite inhibition when they play along with other puppies. Observe when they are playing, there is a lot of pouncing, wrestling and running. A lot of biting on each other is also involved. And every now and then one pup would tend to bite his playmate too hard. And the victim would yelp and then stop playing with them. The offender would also stop playing since he was taken aback by the yelp of the victim. But after some time, they would eventually paly again. Through this game, the puppies would learn how to control their bite intensities so that no one could get hurt. The same principle would be applied in humans.

Pekingese Tip: How do you get a puppy to stop biting?

How do you get a puppy to stop biting?

The most typical way to stop your puppy from biting is to remove your hand from its mouth, and replace it with a chew toy or nylabone. This teaches your pup good biting from bad and lets them see what they are actually allowed to chew on. Another common way pet owners teach their pup bite inhibition is to squeal or say “ouch” when the pup bites down too hard. This simulates the pups littermates and mother’s response to pain and the pup learns this is not what it is supposed to do. I know some pet owners who have used a can with some coins inside to successfully cure their pet of biting and jumping on the couch (basically it scares them and they learn to associate the behavior with the awful sound).

Others may grab the scruff of the pup’s neck and give it a quick shake, similar to what its mom might do. (This method was recommended by my vet). Another method as recommended by the Monks of New Skete in their book, The Art of Raising a Puppy is to put your finger gently towards the back of the pups mouth (not too far down so as to choke or harm her) but enough so the dog gags slightly and releases your hand, and therefore learns not to bite. A variation on this is to place your entire hand in sideways so it touches the sides of it’s mouth which stops the dog from being able to bite, and results in them lifting their heads to try to shake you out of the mouth. It is an unpleasant stimulus the pup learns from. Then of course there is the “roll down” in which you basically roll your dog to the ground, hover over it menacingly and show ’em who is boss, not allowing them to get up until they show their submission to you, usually in the form of looking away and not making eye contact. Then of course you can try methods Cesar Milan might suggest on the Dog Whisperer, such as making your hand into a claw of sorts and digging into their backsides quickly as they mother might do.

Source: Yahoo Voices, by KBM

Proven techniques on how to stop your puppy from biting:

  1. Redirect his biting to a chew toy. When your puppy begins to nibble on your hand, say a firm “NO” and replace your hand with a chew toy (if teething, give ice cube).
  2. Act hurt. This is the most popular method and a favorite of may pet owners. Make your pekingese think that he has hurt you every time he takes a bite on you.
  3. Give him treats. Puppies tend to nibble on your hands when you pat, stroke or scratch them. If your puppy gets excited when you engage with him, give him a treat. This way, he would get used to being touched without biting you.
  4. Engage and encourage non-contact types of play. Games such as tug of war or fetch rather than wrestling. Keep his tug toy on your pocket at all times so that when he starts to wrestle your hands, redirect his attention to his toy.
  5. Give him lots of toys. Giving him lots of interesting toys would keep him off your clothes and you.
  6. Socialize. Let him go out and socialize him with other dogs or puppies. Give him the chance to have a friendly play with other vaccinated dogs. This is important to his development.

Since mouthing issues can be quite a challenge to deal with, be patient with your puppy. So, how do you get a puppy to stop biting? Two words: Patience and understanding. They tend to be very playful at a young age, just teach him and he will learn.

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