Summer Safety Tips for Pets – No Heat Stroke for your Pekingese


Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Summer, yay! Your most favorite time of the year is here and you are so eager to bask in the sun. However, as excited as you are to go out your pet may be exposed to lots of health hazards so you must be extra careful. Summer safety tips for pets must be followed especially if you have a dog like the pekingese since they are a breed that is so prone to heat stroke.

The hot summer season is the perfect time for you and your dog to bond outside, family fun at its finest. However, along with the high temperatures, dogs are very prone to heat stroke, dehydration and being ill. It is not only essential to keep them safe from the warm climate, it is also vital that you keep him safe from all the other toxic chemicals from certain foods. We all have to follow some certain guidelines in order to keep them safe from this oh-so lovable time of the year.

Summer Safety Tips for Pets

We all love spending the long, sunny days of summer outdoors with our furry companions, but being overeager in hot weather can spell danger, ASPCA experts warn.

“Most people love to spend the warmer days enjoying the outdoors with friends and family, but it is important to remember that some activities can be dangerous for our pets,” said Dr. Camille DeClementi, Senior Toxicologist at the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center. “By following a few simple rules, it is easy to keep your pet safe while still having fun in the sun.”

Source: ASPCA,

Hot Weather Tips:

  1. Don’t leave him in the car. is this really worth mentioning? This is purely commonsense but I just have to reiterate since leaving kids in the car is even common! If you have to leave him see to it that there is proper ventilation. Just remember that cars heat up rather fast even if you leave the windows open.
  2. Ample shade and water. If you have to keep your pekingese outside, please do keep them in a proper shaded area with lots of clean water around. Once again, this is common sense yet it is still worth mentioning. Make sure that he is not prone to tangling himself with his leash that might endanger him nor limit his range of motion. Heat stroke can be fully prevented with proper awareness.
  3. Avoid Over-exertion. Jogging, running, playing frisbee, or other activities can result to over-exertion. On summer months, monitor his activity and be careful on not to over-exert him. Be vigilant for signs of heat stress such as excessive panting, disorientation, weakness or anxious expression. Bring him to a cool shaded area and help him gradually lower his body temperature by immersing his paws on cold water or hose him down then call to inform your vet.
  4. Limit his time on hot concrete/asphalt and proper feet protection. On hot days, hot concrete and asphalt could burn your dog’s paws. So keep off them and let him walk on grass or the sidewalk. If he has to walk on the hot street, then provide him with proper foot wear to protect his paws.
  5. Grooming. See to it that his fur and nails are properly trimmed during the hot summer months. Too much coat can make him prone to heat stroke or for parasites to come in contact and stick with him. Keeping his nails properly trimmed can diminish happening of torn nails which would make him so prone to infection.
  6. Water and Beach Safety. In any way, do not allow him to drink sea water, the salt would make him sick. Minerals and salt present in sea water could ruin his coat, so you better rinse him thoroughly. Majority of the dogs love to swim, but some don’t know how while few really averse the water. So, you must first know what the preference of your dog is before you try to swim with him. Never ever throw your dog into the water! Swimming is a very tiring task for him so don’t let him overdo it. And never ever leave your dog unattended in the water.
  7. Tick and flea safety. Fleas carry diseases that can cause an illness to your dog. Avoid bug bites by following the guidelines recommended by your vet. May it be a medicated shampoo, drops or a throrough brsuhing would ensure you that your dog is safe.

Summer is the time where you and your dog can stay happy also the time where there are lots of health hazards for your beloved pet. Thus, summer safety tips for pets should be followed by every dog owner out there in order to ensure the safety of their canine friend. Summer is suppose to be a happy season for everyone in the family, so you don’t want to have any emergency cases going on with your dog just because of your negligence, do you? Be responsible and have tons of happy moments of your beloved dog.

Any additional summer tips? Feel free to leave your suggestions behind so that all of us may be enlightened.



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