Westminster Dog Show 2012: Malachy The Pekingese Won


Westminster Dog Show 2012: Malachy the Pekingese Won

Last February, the Westminster Dog Show hosted the event at the Madison Square Garden and Malachy the Pekingese won ‘Best in Show.’ This bobbing little pompom already has 114 titles under his belt – and still managed to take home the crown from 2,000 other purebreds in the show. For the record, this is the 4th instance that a Pekingese reigned over the Westminster Dog Show.

“He saved all his energy for the ring today,” handler David Fitzpatrick said.

Handler Fitzpatrick gave his 11-pound buddy a help by carrying him to the green carpet for the final line up, thus making the long walk at the ring short. Then Malachy’s pink tongue popped out accentuating his black face, with eyes sparkling as he indulged in the cheers.

Fitzpatrick also noted, “No other dog moves like this.” Well, it’s true since Pekes are supposedly to have “slow and dignified” movements.

The reigning Pekingese chilled out after his win, having a cool pack over his white & silver coat. He also had ample time to get ready before taking home the award in toy group Monday evening.

The champ at the Westminster Dog Show takes home the much coveted silver bowl but not 1 dime of money. Rather, it is the prestige of the said title that would last a lifetime for any owner that would bring wealth on any breeding potential.

Westminster Dog Show

While Martha Stewart’s Chow Chow, Ghenghis Khan II, took home a Best in Breed ribbon Monday morning, but it was Malachy who was dubbed the nation’s No. 1 show dog.

When the finals came to a close, he had bested nearly 2,000 purebred pups!

The competition was the 136th edition of the world’s most famous battle of the canines, which inspired the classic faux-documentary Best in Show.

Source: The Hollywood Gossip, http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com by Free Britney

If you happen to have a quality dog from an accomplished breeder, why not consider training her or him for the dog show.  It’s hard work, nevertheless tons of fun!

How to show train your dog:

  1. Proper training is a must. Consider enrolling your pet to a behavior and obedience training school. Training for show is considered as activity training.
  2. Proper grooming. Learn how to groom your pet professionally from a dog groomer, book or videos. As much as possible, look for videos that is unique for your breed type.
  3. Handling classes. Attend handling classes or go look for a video that will teach you how to handle your good properly.
  4. Leash-train your pooch. Initiate it by putting on the lead and allow her to go where she wants to.
  5. Proper command. Call on your pooch as you walk with her. Give a slight tug on the leash if you want to change directions. If she follows immediately, give her praises and rewards. Repeat this step several times until she will get the a slight tug means change of direction.
  6. Teach her to walk beside you. And I mean, walk beside you on a loose lead. This is somehow similar to teaching a dog how to heel during obedience training. Correct in a sharp jerk and release pattern. Give reward and praises for positive response.
  7. Increase your speed. Gradually increase your speed until she is already trotting. Practice your turns and work on both left and right sides.
  8. Enjoy your grooming session. This is the best way to accustom your pooch to being handled. If you can’t afford to have a grooming table, invest in a rubber mat or other non-slip surface mat. Then teach your dog to climb or jump into the mat or table.
  9. Practice staking.  Staking is also known as posing. Once she enjoys grooming already, move her legs and let her leave it as is for a few seconds. If she can do that, give her a reward. Then gradually increase her posing time on the table.
  10. Check her. While she is posing, go over her like a judge would. Check her teeth, nails, fur, testicles for males, etc…
  11. You’re ready.  Take a tack box, dog food, water, camping chair, show clothes and first aid kit for the show!

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