Pekingese Temperament: What’s Good and Bad About Them


Pekingese Temperament; What’s Good and Bad About Them

What can I say about the Pekingese temperament and character? Stubborn. Let me quote a line about it, “should imply courage, boldness, and self-esteem rather than prettiness, daintiness, or delicacy,” that is what the AKC Standars says about the Pekingese dog.

Indeed, the Peke is overly confident, dignified, and one of the most stubborn and independent of the toy breeds.

Indoors he would exude a calm and quiet aura while lying down on the couch, observing his home with his scrutinizing gaze. Nevertheless, you would be amazed with his sudden bursts of energy and playfulness.

Pekes in general are loyal to their owner without being rude to other people and is also accepting towards other animals.

A Pekingese can be very possessive when it comes to his favorite toys and food. Because of his rather short face, he has become the master of 4 S’s: snuffling, snoring, sneezing and snorting.

This self-possessed and proud pooch won’t submit quietly when it comes to rough handling. He is naturally willful yet sensitive and resents even if you won’t scold him. But, if he truly respects you, he would be displaying a good manner even without proper training.

Lastly, Pekes are not recommended for a home that has small kids around. Since they are possessive with their food and toys, they might bite or snap toddlers who aren’t aware of the dog’s boundaries. They are so demanding of attention and becomes resentful of kids who may take away the focus from them.

Pekingese Temperament

The Pekingese Dog Breed has a personality and temperament that is loving and loyal. They will form an extremely close bond with its primarily caretaker. The Pekingese is not a high energy dog, and they do very well in apartments, but they must have daily exercise or they can be prone to life threatening obesity.

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A Pekingese is for you if you want a dog who:

  • Is tiny yet very sturdy, even with a chunky build.
  • Is overly confident, independent and the most dignified of the toy breeds.
  • Has a very short face, big soulful eyes, and long think layers of coat in varying hues.
  • Is quiet and calm inside the house and doesn’t need that much exercise.
  • Is generally accepting towards other animals and is polite with strangers.

A Pekingese may not be for you if are not ready to deal with:

  • Snorting, wheezing, loud snoring and snuffling.
  • Heavy shedding of coat.
  • A very strong-willed pooch, having a mind of his own.
  • Very difficult to train and housebreak
  • Gassiness (always farts).
  • Potential multi-health issues.

Now that I have told you about the pekingese temperament, have you decided to get one? I hope that this has been helpful to all of you who are seeking about the traits and character of the Peke dog.

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